Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just Listed on WSOAPP Market Street

Hi everyone---yes---why yes my pretties---it has been a LONG time since you have seen the likes of me around these parts! Busy Summer for me and I am just getting done with my job at the Garden & Landscape Center----I loved every minute of being there---It is an awesome thing when you work with people who enjoy doing what they do and it shows---besides---who could ever be cranky around beautiful waterfalls, plants and impeccable landscaping----NO ONE!! LOL  Here are a couple of sets that I listed on the WSOAPP site---just finishing up with Halloween for the season---put alot of focus on the shop here in town and also a bit more on Etsy as well----things are going fabulously!  Happy Fall everyone--- I am glad I am back!  Look for me to be listing more items soon---I have a TON of Vinitage items that are going on my Birchberry Vintage Etsy site and some Shabby items that will be listed on my WhiteBirch Boutique Etsy site very soon----I also have some great deals on my soap in Birchberry Farms on Etsy---5 for $20 and 3 for $12 on the 6oz size of allllll the scents!  The new Fall scents are to die for!!!


pywackit said...

Awesome Skellies. I love them. Hope you are doing great.


Snugglebug Blessings said...

Your blog was just a little spooky to visit this time, tee hee! Love em they are darling in a very scary way. Hugs, Cathy

d said...

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