Monday, May 26, 2008

By the Grace of GOD

For all of you who have been emailing me---here is what happened in my neck of the World yesterday---a day that I will remember always---many of you know that I was up at the National Sports Center here in Blaine MN doing my annual 'gig' with my large group of Blaine High School students. I do this every Memorial weekend. It is always a scarey thing to be responsible for the safety of so many kids my 17 year old daughter included. I decided to run home for a brief time to get some NORMAL food yesterday afternoon---from the time I got home and made a sammy to the time I turned the TV and realized what a horrible mistake I had made in coming home---well---let's just say---GOOD LORD! The sky had turned in an instant---absolutely green and very very instant----it just POPPED---my parent 'leads' that I had left up there at the NSC were notified by me and thanks to the good Lord I had the presence of mind at the morning meeting to explain severe storm protocol to all of my groups---what I expected they were to do because we were aware that storms may develop and for the life of me---well for ONCE they listened and they all did what they were supposed to do---and it was WONDERFUL----we had a tornado touchdown 3 blocks from my home while I was home making my sammy.---my neighborhood is in shambles, totally like a war zone--- but thankfully all peeps are okay--we did not sustain any major damage here at our home, but some of my neighbors were not so lucky---we had one fatality and 9 critically injured 10 miles east of us---in Hugo---please pray for those families---especially for the 2 year old child who died---my heart is broken for that family----I am thanking God still to this moment because this could have been alot worse---it really could have!


tattered 'n torn prims said...

Thank the Lord that you are safe and sound. I will pray for your neighbors for very scarey!! May He bring peace back to your community!!

BirchBerry Farms said...

Thanks Stace---boy--it sure has a way of putting you back into perspective---life is really constantly moving---made me appreciate how fragile it can be---and in an instant---just like that---Man oh man!

Country*Road*Primitives said...

Renee, I was thinking about you MN gals when I saw the news... had NO idea how close the storms were to you and your family... *sending prayers to all in need* PTL you and your family are okay... so sorry to hear of the fatalities xox