Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Humble Arts December 1st Offerins'

Sooooo--I bet cha you'all thought I took another one of them there trips into outer space---and you wouldn't be too far from thinkin it either---yiminee crickets----I have NO IDEA where the time has been slipping to---but anyways---thanks to all of you who keep checkin in on me----I am such a DORK!!!!! A good DORK--nevertheless---well DORK-----

Here is my December 1st Offering for the Humble Arts---what a fantastic group of gals I do say! Be sure to check out all of our listings, you will not be disappointed!

And peeps---thank you so much for your continued prayers for my family--it is most appreciated and you truly lift me up----I love you all....Renee

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Merry Christmas Present---to YOU!

I am in the process of making these really cool windows---I decided that I would post the how to on these for you--my favorite bloggaroo's as a gift to you---I figured--this would be an AWESOME gift to make for someone for the holiday gift giving----here's how I did it-----

1. I gathered really cool white and off white painted pane windows

2. Clean WELL

3. I used clear contact paper and cut the letters after tracing them onto the contact paper from a stencil I have---if you do not have a stencil-----worry not---here's a famous trick---I have used my computer and print the letters out Large and then trace them through the contact paper with a sharp pen---then cut them out and place them onto your window----whatever words you like---JOY---Let it SNOW--blah blah blah the possibilities are endless---I also got some cheap snowflake stickers to place here and there on my window as well---that large snowflake is actually a rhinestone studded metal one that I got from Target in the ornaments dept. and I glued it on there with 'Fusion' a clear polyurethane non foaming glue---it's a miracle glue---like magic it is so STRONG----I also put a masking tape line to keep me from going astray in my letter placement when I stuck them on there---it takes a long time to get them all on there very straight and beaut-eeee-ful---so patience is totally a virtue!

4. Go to a well ventalated area to spray this really cool spray on there that FROSTS the glass---you can get it at most craft stores and it is a spray--the particular one that I used is from Valspar and it is called Frosting for Glass and was by the stained glass painting supplies----spray nice and evenly taking great caution in overspraying your amount so it does not drip onto your glass----I gave that window 3 SEPERATE coats letting it dry 1 hour between coats-----then let it dry WELL and CAREFULLY peel your stickers off and then you can glue your other embellishments on there and VIOLAAAA---BEAUTIOUS WINDOW CREATION---by you!!!
PS. You can also do the reverse of that option and have your letters be frosted and I also think it would be WAY cool to add some white lights on the backside of it---to hang on the wall---or mantle---OMGosh--the picture doesn't really do it justice--they are really very pretty and I have been making them for the shop---have fun with this!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Meet Dusty & Nick the Chalkboards

I am ALWAYS a Happy Camper when I can introduce a 'new concept' to ya's----I am loving the way that these turned out---they are paper clay heads on vintage antique bottles that I turned into chalkboards---yes---true---Nick is on an Amber Glass OLD Hylex Bottle and Dusty is on an Amber Glass Antique Clorox bottle---both were primed and then chalkboarded----they have a piece of wire that holds the chalk and they can be erased over and over and over again with new sayings on the front----I am diggin' that about them most I think--both are getting listed on the Bay tonite---BTW---cold as ALL GET OUT here lately---totally not ready for any of that shinanigans----love the snow---it's that bitter cold that RIPS right through ya that I am not so sure that I am liking at all----nope!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

HO ~ HO ~ HO ~

'Member that clay head of a SANTA that I made way back when??? Well here he is all painted up and ready to roll---he is getting listed on Ebay tonite----I am especially fond of him because of the Vintage Antique Annie Miniature Doll that he is hanging on to---you can't really see her right now in this picture, but she is darling--more pictures are needin to be taken---the sun isn't right in the picture taking area right now-- I am very happy to present him to you today!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Don't Give Up On Me Yet----LOL

For my customers that are looking for my dollies--DON'T GIVE UP ON MEEEEEE------I am in FULL swing and will be listing several this week-----I am in the process of getting ready for two rather large shows and they are back to back----which is always a good thing for me---I seem to do better under stress--sure looks good on paper--my hair falls out and the ones that are sticking around turn a lovely shade of gray---people driving badly puts me right over the top and cashiers at the stores who are visiting with people instead of checking them out make my eyes do this rolling thing and my lips get real pursed---that can not be good for wrinkles----no good at all----

Funny story----I did color my hair the other day----yes and it is wonderful not seeing those little wires popping up all over the top of my bean---anywhoooooo---RIGHT after I did it---obviously I rinsed it and dried it and then decided to go up to the gym----HUGE idea----apparently I did not rinse it good enough because whilest I was on the Elyptical--Eucalyptus I call it---machine---I sweated the color right down my face---people were walking by me and starring and in my head---- I am thinkin'---WHAT? WHAT IN THE HECK IS YOUR DEALIO???? I had this 'look' about me too----of that I am sure----quite animated at times if I do say so----it was GREAT----I smartly walked my sweet self into the locker room---with ATTITUDE and looked in the mirror---for the LOVE of GOD----I am such a DORK!

Here is one of the cabinets that I just got done---my sister Mootsie bought the windows for me for my birthday---I got 6 of them---way way kewl!

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