Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's HARTS time and here are my Offerin's for Feb.

Howday-----and here is one of my Humble Arts February Offerins'---the Love Bunny is made from Cashmere wool and Angora that I felted and stitched and stuffed and and and---she was alot of fun to mess with---not quite sure I am into making bunnies---but this particular one captured my heart for some reason---she has glass eyes and EVERYTHING----I once knew a guy with a glass eye---different story---anywhoooo---then I made a heart door hanger and a heart make-do----Valentines day is right around the corner---I need to find a shoe box and get my tin foil in order to make my Valentines Greeting mailbox----'member when we did those in grade school???---it was the coolest thing EVER!!!---when Mom would let us use TIN FOIL for something other than wrapping a Rump Roast in----and that my dear friends only happened once a year----this coming from a mother who made us save the wrapping paper at Christmas---who does that kind of thing to their kids----My MOM---love her like I do---but I am a firm believer that is why I horde tin foil today---well that's what they tell me at my tin foil anonymous group anyways!---oh there are so many things---so many many things----

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I bet ya Thought 'When is She Makin' Boxes?'

Well I was thinkin that---come on Renee---let's get goin on that Mountain of Paper Mache' Boxes that you keep having to MOVE and get 'em DONE!!! So I did and here is as small portion of the boxes that are getting listed on Ebay----I hope you like Angels---cuz I have been 'stuck' in the little cherub scene---awwww HECK, who doesn't like ANGELS??? I know I sure am happy when I got my angels' attention---you know---the one that is in charge of watching over me---sometimes she's taking a NAP---but most of the time she is pulling on my sleeve--or my head to get it stuck from my---ohhhhh noooo---dare I say! PS. I also did some more Love You Mittens and they are just like the others--'cept without the heart for those who don't nessecarily like hearts stitched on the top of their mittens---these are more nominally priced and more simple country looking---they are getting listed on Etsy----with the others!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Great Day in History!

You will never hear about my political views on this blog---I grew up in a very political family---so in saying that---I am very moved by our Country right now and the FAITH and GREAT HOPE for Prosperity is set on the shoulders of our 44th President--that is being sworn in today---I am so very very proud to be an AMERICAN---God Bless this great Nation of ours and God Bless our new First Family!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mitten Mitten--who's got the MITTEN?

Howday-----Mittens and Soap---what's the correlation you say??? Wellll~~~~ if you live in an area that Standard Dress Code is Warm Heavy Clothing due to Cold Wicked Weather (yup---Minne-snowta) and your skin gets dried out from all of that and then some---well that there would be my answer! I just made 10 new pairs of my 'I Love You Mittens' in all colors and sizes AND I have been putting a deal together for the Love Scrub----ALL of which are getting listed on Etsy tomorrow---too late tonite---I'm going to go out and have some supper with my Joe----Hope to see ya's tomorrow!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Little Sister is a BIG WIMP!!

Just thought I would share an email I got from my sister Mary who lives in my hometown which is WAY North in Minnesota-----she is a fine writer and needs to be slapped around for not pursuing that career---seriously! She is a riot and you can JUST imagine what life is like when all 4 of us girls get together---OMG!!!! PS. One of my sisters lives in a sub of Chicago---and me in Minneapolis and another south of me in MN---Here's the email:

Greetings to you all,I am writing today, to issue a ration of crap to my "southern relatives"and to give you a dose of reality. This morning, I was watching theToday show while I got ready for work. I do so love Matt Lauer. Inthis morning's installment, the Weather Channel had sent famedmeteorologist Jim Cantori to the blustery streets of the Chicago. Hewinced as he suffered through the, and I quote, "brutal 14 degreeassault on Chicago". Umm, are you kidding me? Annnd, he added,tomorrow, it was anticipated that the temps may dip to 10 below zero!Again, are you kidding me? If it were that warm here, I would bewearing capri pants! If Jim Cantori and The Weather Channel wouldreally like to show his metal, send his butt here, or up toInternational Falls---I doubt his disposition would be so cheery.It is a balmy 25 begrees below zero. We are thankful, as this is a warmup from 32 below earlier this morning. I am not complaining, mind you.I am a Northerner, and I have learned to cope with winter's shortcomings. I am sending this letter to remind you all of a few things youmay have forgotten about, living in the moderate climates that you all do.

1. Kleenex is no longer a necessity. I find that going outsideremedies a runny nose instantaniously, as your nostrils freezetogether. Although, it does, however, make breathing a difficulty. Inthese economic times, the cost savings out-weigh the negative.

2. And finally, an answer to the burning question-Does leather freeze?Yes, yes it does. Makes me worry about the safety of cows, as the seatsin my Tahoe haven't been soft for a week.

3. I find that the rythmic banging of the "frozen flat spots" on mytires can be manipulated to go along with the beat of the music on theradio if you accelerate.

4. I rather enjoy dressing in layers. Although I look like theMichelin Man, in my head I am fantasizing about being an anstronaut forNASA.

5. Making those tasty Jello treats is now quick and easy, just hold thebowl out the back door to firm things up a bit.

6. My "pitching arm" is getting in great shape for summer activities.Although, truth be known, I am not so sure Cassidy (her Crazy Little Jack Russel) is liking beingTHROWN outside to do her business, but we all must do what we must do.And before I go, I will share one our favorite Seasonal/Regional DumbBlonde Jokes with you.

A blonde and her husband are listening to the radio one morning. Themeteorologist reports that they are expecting a snowstorm, with 9-12inches of accumulation. Yes, snow emergency procedures are in effect,please park your vehicle on the EVEN side of the street.Three days pass. Again, they are listening to radio, and themeteorologist reports that snow is expected for the region. Totalaccumulation of 10-13 inches of snow. Once again, snow emergencyprocedures are in effect, please park your vehicle on the ODD side ofthe street.The next morning, while listening to the radio, the meteorologistreports that more snow is expected. Snow emergency procedures are ineffect, please park you vehicle on ........the power goes out. Theblonde, in a panic, looks to her husband for support. "what are wesupposed to do," she cries, "what side of the street should I park thecar on tonight?" Her husband looks up and says, "I have an idea, whydon't you just leave it in the garage this time."And that is that!

Love you all lots! m.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

They're that GOOD!!!!

Okay----I just have to tell you guys that I made 4 new varieties of soap---in honor of the upcoming LOVE Holiday---OHHHH that St. Valentine would be berry berry proud of me----they are really quite yummy if I do say so myself ----and they are very new scents----to me anyways---Vanilla Vanilla (soft and True Vanilla, it is a Cybilla fragrance) Deep Rich Chocolate (Oh Mylanta, died and went to HEAVEN! Rich deep warm chocolate truffle scent) Chocolate Espresso (like a Sunday morning at your favorite coffee spot, breathe DEEP--- ABSOLUTELY!) Pink Peppermint (soft creamy dreamy pepperminty goodness)--CHECH 'EM OUT----I have them listed on Etsy---and in WSOAPP Market Square -----and if you were to buy some, mention that you read this post and I will offer them to you at a $1 off of each bar until Valentines Day-----but YOU have to mention the post and BEFORE you pay for your order---HAPPY VALENTINES DAY MY SWEET TARTS!!!! Always, Renee PS. Feel free to order them from here--simply email me with your request and I will invoice you--easy cheesy!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Ramblings of an IDIOT!

This is a story that MUST be told----

About 3 days ago I lost one of my diamond earrings---it just fell out somewhere in my journies of the day and I was devasted to say the least---REMEMBER THIS PART!

Last night about 2am I got up for one of my nightly trips to the bathroom---bladder the size of a grape----in the DARK I sat down to do my duty and low and behold my rear got all WET---WHAT??? YEP WET!---huh---I flipped the light switch on and discovered that I had sat in someones tinkle from a previous trip to the said bathroom--- (not naming names but I was pretty sure it was JOE!)---was I soooooo ticked---YES--YES I WAS---I looked at the toilet closely to make sure that that was what it was and that the ceiling was caving in and leaking--nope--no such luck for Joe---it was tinkle----AND in the bottom of the toilet I noticed something very peculiar---MY EARRING--just laying there in the bottom of the TOILET ---I could see it through the ---tinkle---'OH this is GREAT!!! JUST GREAT'---I turned my mad but sweet self around and smartly MARCHED into the bedroom where I FLICKED on the light----remember it is 2am-----welll---I probably don't need to tell you the response I got regarding that---and I said---YOU---YOU need to come in here (the bathroom) for a sec---he hops outta bed thinking I saw a rabid dog or something---FIRST I showed him my wet backside---which he thought was funny--me---not so much---then I told him to reach his hand down through that MESS and grab my earring before I FLUSH the toilet---then his smile turned to an OH CRAP look---he did it and I soaked my earring in bleach-----

Now I need to tell you that this is PAYBACK for the time about a month ago that I was working in the garage and I have a coffee can that I put mineral spirits in to clean myself of the stain that I get all over my hands and arms---I wipe it on with a cloth that I have nearby and then wipe the stain off---welllll some jack-dot dot dot dumped that out and used MY MINERAL SPIRITS CAN as a tinkle can because he was too lazy to walk into the house OR better yet tinkle outside---I wiped tinkle on me---OMG-----I was MORTIFIED----and honestly, I got it all over myself---thank GOD I didn't wipe my face, because there are times that I have had to------paybacks---what poetic justice! And you guys wonder why I am the way that I am ---uh ha!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Take a STROLL!!!!

I just got back from my stroll down WSOAPP'S Market Square with my dog and cup of coffee---I need to tell ya's----WELL worth checkin' into---there are so many cute cute things I am very proud of all of the artists and their sites---you guys are FAB!!!!!

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