Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Humble Arts Offerin'----I'm a Newbie!!!

I was just accepted into the Humble Arts----I am so very happy to present my offering for November----more to come---with any luck----Give me some time to get the links and stuff figured out---and then you will be able to pop over there from here---still a work in progress---

On another seperate note----I just got done re-vamping my blog----threw 'er right into WINTER---no time like the present!!! It is so blasted cold here---WAY too soon for that---grey and blues were in my heart I guess----it hasn't quite grown on me yet----with time sweet Virginia---with time-----

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Count Your Blessings

You can hear that over and over again and it just sits there in your brain---yea yea yea you think----I, personally have never SAT and counted my blessings---I probably should, but like many I just don't----I have had a 'hellish' year---to many of you who know me---that is EXACTLY what it has been for me and my family-----the health issues surrounding us are staggering at times----however---after many months of fearful tears---I have to say without any reservations---that I do count my blessings now---DAILY---and I am gathering the things in my basket that are important priorities and the rest is left on the side of the road----My little sister just had surgery on Tuesday and Chemo on Wednesday---and for some who know how that all goes-----well I am proud of her trooper attitude and her pretty smiley face through it all-----I sure am----

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My New Clayhead---It is SANTA!!!

Here it is ---the next clayhead--it is gonna be Santa----I had fun with his face---took me a bit to do, but it is a whole new venture and I am loving that! Keep an out for this one---I am hoping to get him done by Sunday---this is all looking good on paper however!!! LOL

Monday, October 6, 2008

WSOAPP.Com is Open Tomorrow Oct.7th

At the 7th of every month WSOAPP Opens Market Square Shoppes---Check it out the link is on the right!!! Here be my offerins'-----Also---I will be listing soap at a phenominal package price for the holidays---soap customers--be sure to check that out---cuz when they are sold they are gone!

Here is my Ebay listing---he is my Clay Head Snowman---and I am happy to present him to you!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Did I DIE and Go to HEAVEN or WHAT!

There are some of you who are gonna think I am totally off my rocker---BUT I have to tell you that I have a thing for pickles---who doesn't I mean really?--My friend
Theresa/Primrulle was telling how she was busy canning pickles---how wonderful is that I thought---so I wrote her and told her what fond rememberances I had of when my Ma used to can them as well----you could smell that brine 4 blocks from the house---I used to get off of the bus and RUN all the way home just know that there were pickles a brewin'----well anywhoooo, I received a jar of these from her yesterday---I am pretty sure there was no writing on the note that I had to share them either---OMGosh you guys---it is like winning the lottery and these are wonderfully YUMMY---I cracked that jar open immediately!!!---THANK YOU dear Theresa---you are so very kind!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Yes it is true---an anniversary celebration is in order----actually an ANNIVERSARY LAUNCH is in order----it is all about Paper---I guess whoever the powers are that be---picked PAPER as the first year of anythings anniversary 'thing'---personally, if it were up to me---I would have picked something like diamonds----and that should be for every year---thus eliminating the hassle of trying to figure out what the THING is for a particular year---kapeesh? OCTOBER 2nd is the day and the Bay is where it will be----thanks for stoppin by!
Dis be mee Offering---go ahead and TRY to find the PAPER in this piece---be sure to check out my listing on this one----there is something HUGE happenin' a little surprise!

Oh Gosh

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