Monday, August 3, 2009

Went for a Weekend Scoot!

Howdy all you blogger friends----here is a picture from my latest adventure---we went home this weekend--partly to see my family and partly to look in on our lake place that we are having some structural issues with currently----and to some that don't know where 'home' is for me---Northern Minnesota---Joe and me and the kidlets live in Minneapolis and my childhood 'home' where the rest of my family lives is 3.5 hours north of us. On a bike it seems like alot longer---and it is----I am hoping to be able to walk and talk in full sentences some time today!---that would be nice---as you can see by the background we did get caught in the rain---and that picture was taken on the fly by Joes brother and his wife who we met up with on the way up there---taken from and I-Phone while doin 65mph--skin flappin in the wind-----technology totally blows my mind! and however, there is not a whole lot of editing one can do to get that 'skin flappin' under control--LOL---You all take care and thanks for poppin in on me----Dad is doing alot better every day and the cabin---well--let's not even go there---it is falling off of the footings and is going to be quite the project to get it back up where it belongs---it is 7 years old and is a split log place on the lake---breaks my heart to see it in such distress----story of my life though for some odd reason recently---absolutely! Oh--and my hair---it is like one big DREADLOCK--there is not enough conditioner in this town to get that tangled mess taken care of!

Oh Gosh

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