Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I am having a HORRIBLE Day!!!!

Just when you thought it was safe to go to the doctors for your YEARLY Examination---NOT!!! I have been ditching out on getting this stupid DPT shot for about 8 months now--and I was getting quite good at it too---every stinkin time I would go in to the doctors office for stuff they would say---do ya want to get your shot today? AND everytime they would ask it I had one answer----that'd be a NOOOO! Apparently they don't care that you are suffering from every ache and pain imaginable when you are there---let us just throw one more on top of it--WHY NOT--sooooooo today---today I go in for my YEARLY EXAMINATION (in bold cuz you all know how fun that whole process is!) and they come in with the shot in their hand---they didn't even ask me this time---I'm thinkin'---wait a dog gone dang blammed minute here----who signed me up for this? Well---I see how this all works now----you only get asked a couple of times and then it is not an option anymore----so obviously I got my shot---in my arm---and now I think I need a nap----or some really good flavor of Ben & Jerry's---I haven't decided which yet! Might need to tell ya though---I did get a sticker---they were soooooo NOT getting out of that! Scooby Dooby Doooooo!

Monday, April 28, 2008

My Latest Arrivals to Ebay!

Well---indeed I have been in my own little world as of late---which needless to say is usually where you will find me---but really---it's okay--they all know me there!!! I just got done with these creations---I also have been messin with getting some stuff finished for the shop----and basically one could say I have been like chicken little---running in circles 90 miles an hour--really not getting too much done---except stressin everyone out around me----ahhhh it's soooooo hard to be ME~I am beginning to think that I may need to be medicated----NAHHHHH!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Raise Your hand if you are HERE Today---if you are NOT here--don't worry about it!

I had a teacher that used to say that ALL the time---I never 'got it' until I was in College---I thought it was for attendance---nope if you are HERE to him---it mostly meant mentally and LORD only knows that was NEVER the case with me---I bet he knew that too---laugh--Ahhhh very very funny!!! At any rate---here I am! I just got done with this Pledge of Allegiance Raggedy Annie Girl and I am thinkin I just might have to list her tonite---that is if the rest of my day just slides on by like it has so far---only a couple of bumps in the road---shhhh I don't want to jinx it------(whispering----YAAAAAY!) PS. WAIT a MINUTE!!! Did I miss NAP TIME??? Oh Shoot!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Have been Tagged in 'What IF"

Oh My---I have been tagged in a wonderful format of What IF!!! My dear friend Sara of Graphic Pretties passed this on---the idea being that I am to answer some 'What If' questions and then pass it on to a unsuspecting friend---I call it blog attack!!!! Oh---and I LOVE it!

1. What if I could meet someone in the artworld and who would it be? It would have to be Anne Geddes---I love her photos.

2. What if I could have a wish granted that would benefit all mankind? First I would ask for 2 wishes and the first would have to be that no one would be homeless or hungry---an end to poverty to no cause of our own. And that no one would EVER be able to hurt children---EVER!

3. What if i could travel to any place where would I go? I would go to Ellis Island and see the names on the wall that belong to both sets of Grand Parents---I would be in awwww of that.

4. What if I could make over 3 areas of my body and what would they be? I would switch this wish for a 'could I change my husband in any way shape or form wish? Like can I switch this for a hubby transformation??? Ya know, it doesn't hurt to share! and not that I couldn't use a little nip and tucker here or there, but he sure could use it a bit more than me---I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin' is all! Oh MAN!

5. What if I could bring someone back to life for 24 hours and who would it be? Nicole Simpson---I just gotta know if he did it for sure or not---we all know he did, but I would like her to be able to confront the big idiot!

Otay Panky---I am passing this onto my dear friend Brenda from Rusty Creek Primitives-----

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I have been TAGGED!

Well seems that a couple of weeks ago my dear sweet tart Maggie from Cedar Hill Rustics went and tagged me---I love that game---like kids in a school yard---thank you for the honor Miss Maggs---the tagging part is that now I need to tell you 5 things about me that you may not know:
1. I was a Bartendar/Manager at a very large Night Club here in the Cities (started in a biker bar)Did that for alot of years--not anymore though.
2. Played Basketball through College and now play Volleyball on a really competitive Womens Team--- all year long. Gettin' kinda old but still hang in there!
3. Have a HUGE addiction to flavored creamer in my coffee---will travel far to get a new flavor---no kiddin'!
4. Have a Computer Programming Degree---ya---do NOT ask me anything about computers or WHY I went and did that to myself!
5. Had a great job at the hospital and decided to be an at homer with 4 kids---what in the WORLD was I thinkin'----heeheehee LOL
Now I get to pass this honor on to 5 unsuspecting peeps in my circle and they are as follows:

Carla from Country Road Primitives
Susie from Oodlekadoodle Primitives
Deanna from Nanny Goat Primitives
Stacey from Tattered & Torn Primitives
Cookie from Curds-and Whey

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pretty in PINK Raggedy

Dear Mother Earth~~~ The 5th One is BORN!!!!

Meet Skyy and her friend Nimby---(short for 'cummulous nimbus' cloud---AND I am really sure I botched the spelling on that!) I have had her in my head for a week and she was just beggin to come out----her eyes are glass---which I think is about as cool as cool can be---ONLY because that is the 'thing' I have issues doing the most---painting their eyes---I am in the need of glasses and I am not wanting to break down and admit it so we shall just be blind as a BAT for a while longer---vain---did someone say vain? Hmmmm----I am diggin her color too---it is my favorite all time color of the Century----perhaps the Millenium---She will be listed hopefully later this evening (welllll after sweet Ali's Banquet for Cheer)-----
Skyy also has a friend---Pretty in Pink Raggedy---however, she is not in the Dear Mother Earth series----she as well will make her appearance tonite on the Ebay scene!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

You've Got a Friend! (Aww I love that Carol King song!)

I recieved this award twice from two of my dear friends----One from Sara of Graphic Pretties and the other is Pea (I call her Sweet Pea) from Pea Pickers Prims----Thanks You's guys! Mrs. Mullard would be so proud of my English skills! Anywhoooo---I am passing this hug onto the following people----to whom I am honored to have in mee circle!

Maggie from Cedar Hill Rustics
Sam from GollyWobbles
Melissa from Idjutsister
Shell from Kissingfish
Pea from PeaPickers Prims
Cindy from Pywackit Prims
Marcy from Raggedy Kinfolk
Brenda from RustyCreek Prims
Lisa from Your NeedfulThings
Lynnie from AddieHattie Prims

My Newest Creation~~~Anastasia

OMGosh---I am finding that even though I poke the living crap out of my fingers--- this felting gig is really quite fun---I have been felting things for about 2 years now---AND I really have begun to cut down the number of bandaids needed per job---which is ALWAYS a good thing---dem needles are s-h-a-r-p! She is completely felted except for a small patch that is under her britches---other than that---her WHOLE entire body is covered with this lovely cream wool roving---- Along with 4 other dolls, she will be getting listed on Ebay tonight! YEA!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

HAPPY April Fools!!!

GOD---do I wish I could hear what The Robins are thinkin right now---8 inches of fresh snow----WHAT in the WORLD was I thinking flying all the way back to this frigid nightmare---I wish you could have seen her just moments before I snapped this picture---she had a big flake on her head---all the while I am thinking April Fools Day ya bunch of dummy Robins----perhaps next year maybe you should take note of this and not fly home quite so early----just a thought! I really did feel bad--no I really did----I almost want to go out and try to dig up the frozen ground just to find worms for them---okay--that's a stretch!

Getting Ready for the Spring Open House!

Got my table DONE finally today----Hubby is getting just a bit weary of looking at it upstairs in the dining room----tooo cold to work on out in the garage---where he would MUCH rather I be right now-----if you were to ask my smart Alec self she would say---OH WELLLLLLL! YUP---I am pretty sure that is what she would say---however, if you were to ask my smart regular self---she would say---oh honey---you are probably right (and I would have that sweet sounding voice)----too bad the smart Alec personality is a little stronger willed!--MAN!

Oh Gosh

It's been a while since I have been on here---and no excuse----it has been a whirl wind here.  I am in the process of trying to figure o...