Sunday, June 22, 2008


Okay---I finished them and they are going to show up on Ebay starting at 6:30 PDT for the first of 7 dolls----I was hoping to get my other stuff listed tonight for PFACC----but I will have to wait---- perhaps tomorrow---tooooo pooped---dang it----soooo without further ado----my Witchy Offerings---Oh----many of my fellow artist peeps have been looking for me---sorry you's guys---I will respond to all of your kind messages that you have been posting to me this week---MYLANTA!!!!---life sure can get in the way of things sometimes----I miss blabbin' with all of you crazies!!! I mean that in a good way!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Appearing SOON!!!----welll ---OKAY---SUNDAY!!!

I am done for the day---and I am almost a SPIT away from having these 6 gals done----soooooo looks like tomorrow we will have to finish 'em up---cuz they are gettin' listed this Sunday evening!!!! YIKES!!!! I just know I am NOT going to sleep well tonite---their little faces and finish up stuff will be haunting me (pun intended) alllllll dang night---and to think that I am stopping at the best part---it is killing meeeeeee---gots to go get ready for a Grad Party-----oh--the Pink One is a Breast Cancer Awareness Witch and I made her for my dear dear friend as the proceeds for her will go to benefit the 'cause'----Their faces are kinda scarey right now----EEK!!!! later Peeps!!!!! OH----and No hair either---baldies---every one of them---cracks me up!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Bit Gun Shy!!!!

Many of you know that I play on a Womens Competitive Volleyball team----during the summer months we play outdoors in the sand and in the winter on hard court-----I play on Tuesday and Wednesday nights on 3 different teams---and LOVE it!!! Well last night---as many nights in the past month---it was raining---not just any old garden rain---stormy lightening thunder raining---hard---and yep we played in it---dumb as it seems--- it is true----I left my daughter and 2 friends indoors to watch all of our bags whilest we got our butts handed to us in the pouring rain----lost 2 games won 1--dammmmit!----anywhoooo---after the butt beating---we all went into the Club and proceeded to order us up a cocktail and some of those yummy buffalo wings that I am soooo fond of----music was blarin' in the background----Do you remember that song from REO Speedwagon---Ridin the Storm Out??? and do you remember the very beginning to that song???? Is it just me---or does that not sound like a Tornado Siren???? I FREAKED and started hollering for both teams to hit the deck----the weather last night was VERY condusive to Tornadoes---I thought----needless to say---no one else in the whole establishment felt the same way I did---nevertheless---I sat under the table til I felt it was safe to come out----the rest of them idiots at that point were on there OWN! Save yourself is my new motto----TOTALLY!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Soooooo, I am sure you are wondering what in the WORLD is this music??? Well it is Harry Belafonte'---LOVE that! Feel free to dance whilest you are in here----and maybe make a Margarita if you feel so inclined----cuz ya know I am!

Monday, June 2, 2008


-I crack up when I hear people talk about getting to Garage Sales---"hurry! hurry! we have to get there before all the good stuff is gone"---honestly----what is the good stuff and would I have known it was really ever there at that garage sale, but dang--I must have missed it? Betcha NOT! Am I makin any sense what so ever? I dunno!

Anywhooooo here's a couple of pics of some messin around junk! A House Flag, A Garden Bee Poke and A Watering Can and A Pic-A-Nic Basket---gonna be listed on Wednesday--if the moon and stars are all in allignment and no one shows me shiney things to distract me---shiney things---it's real simple!

Oh Gosh

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