Thursday, April 28, 2011

Big Time Bummer!

Just to let those of you who don't know---I lost my Dad this past week from complications around having knee surgery.  He died on Palm Sunday in the hospital and will be missed dearly----I was very close to him and I am at Peace with his passing---it is just gonna be hard to get used to him being gone as I talked to him regularly.  My life will be forever altered by this.  I wanted to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who wrote me with well wishes----it is a great comfort to feel that loved and I am grateful to have such wonderful people in my circle of life----charmed beyond belief I say----
This is a photo of my immediate familly with Grandma smack dab in between---I am so proud of each and every one of my children---they handled the passing of their Grandfather with Grace and great respect. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cement Eggs--Very Tres Chic

Well I did it---I went and made some cement eggs for the Shop (Round Barn Potting Company) here in town----and honestly---I thought I was in Heaven! With the help from my sweet husband---we put together these large eggs and some small ones too----it was a true test of our relationship during this process as both of us had our own SEPERATE ideas of how this was all gonna work---me, of course, on the crafty fly by the seat of my pants side---and him, Mr. Cement worker, smooth cool and very calculated----I went to the $ store and got the plastic eggs, filled them up with a special mixture and viola---the hardest part was waiting for them to dry thoroughly before taking them out of the molds----patience TRULY is a virtue on this project my little chicadees! These guys weigh around 7 lbs. and are smoothed slightly flat on the bottom for easy sittin' ---as you can see by one of the pictures it is inside of a regular size door wreath to give you an idea of its size.  'Feather Your Nest' is a reflection of Hope~Peace~Faith and the thoughts of feathering your nest with all of those attributes.

We are getting ready for a HUGE Junk Market Show at the shop this coming weekend---I am all a flutter about it as I have made some really fun and simple lower priced French Inspired Goodies for the show---Lori has done a fabulous job setting up the new vinettes and it really does have a Euro feel to it and is absolutely a treasure trove of fabulous items---pop in there and see some of the new photos---she is always updating so it is really fun to check in there and see whats shakin bacon----ENJOY!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ohhhh-La-Laaaaaaa Created from Burlap BUNNY!

Well Happy Spring-O-Rama to all of you this fine Tuesday! I just listed this Burlap Bunny---and I have to tell ya she was an adventure to make!  In keeping with the way that burlap works it was a bit of a nightmare to get her small pieces turned and stuffed without taking a trip or two to the funny farm---but we got 'er DONE and she is in my BirchBerry Farms Etsy! She was made from a vintage coffee bean sack and has PURPLE writing down her side---only on one side---I did that on purpose that way----kind of artsy fartsy look----she was stuffed with raw wool and is weighted onm the bottom---cool aqua blue glass eyes and button jointed arms----WAY Farmhouse Shabby Chic!----I am bringing 3 up to the shop today----my last of the Easter items----so if you are interested in her and she happens to get snagged off of Etsy to email me and I will see what is left at the Round Barn Potting Co.  I also am kicking around making her into a pattern---I think I may be biting off more than I can chew as there is so much detail and directions and instructions---still working on that one in my teeny little brain---I will let cha's know if that materializes---Have a Happy Day and go outside to play if it is nice in your neck of the woods---it is here today and I am in LOVE that our birds are BACK! Don't freeeeget to feed them---long trip home---probably starving--poor things!

Oh Gosh

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