Monday, December 29, 2008

WSOAPP Market Square Offerin's for Jan. 7th

I can't even believe it---January 2009---holy CRAP where did that year go---I swear the older I get---the faster....the slower I get-----geeeez!

Here are two of my Sweet Treat for my Beloved Boxes----and as I promised, the female version of my Ice Skate Lamp---which the pictures aren't doing either very good justice--their little faces aren't showing up very good---and they are very sparkleeeee with glitter on their red hoods and silver sparkles on their faces for their eyebrows and cheeks---way CUTE!-- Look for these on WSOAPP Market Square January 7th---

Soon to be Arriving

This is another Ebay attraction----it is my new line called Love Struck just a bit of winter mixed in with a Valentines theme---no matter what---I am excited to present her to you---

Catch Me if ya CAN!

Where do I begin-----first off----Thank YOU---in a BIG WAY---to all of my lovelies that have been keeping tabs on me----and my communications slackerness----wellllll---I guess that would be putting it mildly----I had basically fell off the face of the 'electronic' world----I am back now as you can see and I am anxious---so very anxious---to catch up with all of you----it's gonna happen too -----betcha your saying G-R-E-A-T right now----careful what cha wish forrrrr! LOL I am looking forward to a turning of the PAGE as it were and heading my silly self right into 2009---I miss you all so very much as I was drowning in the sights and sounds of keeping the holidays SIMPLE for me and my family and it worked its magic on me-----I am doing fine and I have a new found sense of where I am AT in this world-----I cannot tell you how appreciative I am of the love bugs who kept me going regularly with your sweet notes---Doreen, Peanut, Brenda, Super Mo, Stace, Karen Susie, Carla and the many others from my two groups and beyond who have sent well wishes to me and my family----you guys make me smile----and it makes me strong----I love you guys!

ON THE FLIP SIDE: My Vike-Queens won yesterday by the skin of their noses---lucky for them or I'd be making a road trip to Winter Park to help them ALL clear their CRAP out of their lockers-----and it wouldn't have been pretty----a big sigh of relief could be heard across the Metro because of THAT---man oh MAN---teehee---cracked a molar yesterday in the excitement so I will be sending them a dental bill for that----nothing like taking one for the TEAM I dare say! Mr. Berrian---you da MAN--- and Mr. Adrian Pederson---we gots to get you to hang onto that ball better bud---Travarias---you ROCK---and Mr. Jared Allen we could of seen you get a bit more into the game---git the quarterback git the quarterback and earn your KEEP slacker!

Oh and coach----you may want to start wearing a cap---YIKES!

BTW---I am working this week---lots to do---so look for me in Humble Arts and Ebay---

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Christmas Swap Received!

My dear friend Rafael of My Tiny Studio sent me this ADORABLE Gourde Fairy Ornie---she is absolutely divine with her little beads that were hand sewn through the gourde and her silk hair and handmade little cutie patootie purse---she will be a treasure of mine forever----her face is detailed and adoring---thank you so much Rafael I love her---AND as if that weren't enough---he sent along those peppermint peep stars that are so dang yummy---here's the darn dealio---the recipe is this: Hot chocolate----Peppermint schnaaps---peppermint peep to top it off----and voila---christmas in a cup! Yes sireeeeee!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

WSOAPP Market Square Offerin for Dec. 7th

Yea Oh Yea OH YEAAAAA-----It is Market Square time and here are just a couple of mee offerins----I am winding down the year with some small primitive items---that is where it all began and really is one of my most favorite things-----I hope you take the opportunity to check out all of the listings from these guys---tell ya what---you will NOT be disappointed----I took a stroll down the avenue last night----and I thought to myself----GORGEOUS---simply GORGEOUS!!!!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Humble Arts December 1st Offerins'

Sooooo--I bet cha you'all thought I took another one of them there trips into outer space---and you wouldn't be too far from thinkin it either---yiminee crickets----I have NO IDEA where the time has been slipping to---but anyways---thanks to all of you who keep checkin in on me----I am such a DORK!!!!! A good DORK--nevertheless---well DORK-----

Here is my December 1st Offering for the Humble Arts---what a fantastic group of gals I do say! Be sure to check out all of our listings, you will not be disappointed!

And peeps---thank you so much for your continued prayers for my family--it is most appreciated and you truly lift me up----I love you all....Renee

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Merry Christmas Present---to YOU!

I am in the process of making these really cool windows---I decided that I would post the how to on these for you--my favorite bloggaroo's as a gift to you---I figured--this would be an AWESOME gift to make for someone for the holiday gift giving----here's how I did it-----

1. I gathered really cool white and off white painted pane windows

2. Clean WELL

3. I used clear contact paper and cut the letters after tracing them onto the contact paper from a stencil I have---if you do not have a stencil-----worry not---here's a famous trick---I have used my computer and print the letters out Large and then trace them through the contact paper with a sharp pen---then cut them out and place them onto your window----whatever words you like---JOY---Let it SNOW--blah blah blah the possibilities are endless---I also got some cheap snowflake stickers to place here and there on my window as well---that large snowflake is actually a rhinestone studded metal one that I got from Target in the ornaments dept. and I glued it on there with 'Fusion' a clear polyurethane non foaming glue---it's a miracle glue---like magic it is so STRONG----I also put a masking tape line to keep me from going astray in my letter placement when I stuck them on there---it takes a long time to get them all on there very straight and beaut-eeee-ful---so patience is totally a virtue!

4. Go to a well ventalated area to spray this really cool spray on there that FROSTS the glass---you can get it at most craft stores and it is a spray--the particular one that I used is from Valspar and it is called Frosting for Glass and was by the stained glass painting supplies----spray nice and evenly taking great caution in overspraying your amount so it does not drip onto your glass----I gave that window 3 SEPERATE coats letting it dry 1 hour between coats-----then let it dry WELL and CAREFULLY peel your stickers off and then you can glue your other embellishments on there and VIOLAAAA---BEAUTIOUS WINDOW CREATION---by you!!!
PS. You can also do the reverse of that option and have your letters be frosted and I also think it would be WAY cool to add some white lights on the backside of it---to hang on the wall---or mantle---OMGosh--the picture doesn't really do it justice--they are really very pretty and I have been making them for the shop---have fun with this!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Meet Dusty & Nick the Chalkboards

I am ALWAYS a Happy Camper when I can introduce a 'new concept' to ya's----I am loving the way that these turned out---they are paper clay heads on vintage antique bottles that I turned into chalkboards---yes---true---Nick is on an Amber Glass OLD Hylex Bottle and Dusty is on an Amber Glass Antique Clorox bottle---both were primed and then chalkboarded----they have a piece of wire that holds the chalk and they can be erased over and over and over again with new sayings on the front----I am diggin' that about them most I think--both are getting listed on the Bay tonite---BTW---cold as ALL GET OUT here lately---totally not ready for any of that shinanigans----love the snow---it's that bitter cold that RIPS right through ya that I am not so sure that I am liking at all----nope!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

HO ~ HO ~ HO ~

'Member that clay head of a SANTA that I made way back when??? Well here he is all painted up and ready to roll---he is getting listed on Ebay tonite----I am especially fond of him because of the Vintage Antique Annie Miniature Doll that he is hanging on to---you can't really see her right now in this picture, but she is darling--more pictures are needin to be taken---the sun isn't right in the picture taking area right now-- I am very happy to present him to you today!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Don't Give Up On Me Yet----LOL

For my customers that are looking for my dollies--DON'T GIVE UP ON MEEEEEE------I am in FULL swing and will be listing several this week-----I am in the process of getting ready for two rather large shows and they are back to back----which is always a good thing for me---I seem to do better under stress--sure looks good on paper--my hair falls out and the ones that are sticking around turn a lovely shade of gray---people driving badly puts me right over the top and cashiers at the stores who are visiting with people instead of checking them out make my eyes do this rolling thing and my lips get real pursed---that can not be good for wrinkles----no good at all----

Funny story----I did color my hair the other day----yes and it is wonderful not seeing those little wires popping up all over the top of my bean---anywhoooooo---RIGHT after I did it---obviously I rinsed it and dried it and then decided to go up to the gym----HUGE idea----apparently I did not rinse it good enough because whilest I was on the Elyptical--Eucalyptus I call it---machine---I sweated the color right down my face---people were walking by me and starring and in my head---- I am thinkin'---WHAT? WHAT IN THE HECK IS YOUR DEALIO???? I had this 'look' about me too----of that I am sure----quite animated at times if I do say so----it was GREAT----I smartly walked my sweet self into the locker room---with ATTITUDE and looked in the mirror---for the LOVE of GOD----I am such a DORK!

Here is one of the cabinets that I just got done---my sister Mootsie bought the windows for me for my birthday---I got 6 of them---way way kewl!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Humble Arts Offerin'----I'm a Newbie!!!

I was just accepted into the Humble Arts----I am so very happy to present my offering for November----more to come---with any luck----Give me some time to get the links and stuff figured out---and then you will be able to pop over there from here---still a work in progress---

On another seperate note----I just got done re-vamping my blog----threw 'er right into WINTER---no time like the present!!! It is so blasted cold here---WAY too soon for that---grey and blues were in my heart I guess----it hasn't quite grown on me yet----with time sweet Virginia---with time-----

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Count Your Blessings

You can hear that over and over again and it just sits there in your brain---yea yea yea you think----I, personally have never SAT and counted my blessings---I probably should, but like many I just don't----I have had a 'hellish' year---to many of you who know me---that is EXACTLY what it has been for me and my family-----the health issues surrounding us are staggering at times----however---after many months of fearful tears---I have to say without any reservations---that I do count my blessings now---DAILY---and I am gathering the things in my basket that are important priorities and the rest is left on the side of the road----My little sister just had surgery on Tuesday and Chemo on Wednesday---and for some who know how that all goes-----well I am proud of her trooper attitude and her pretty smiley face through it all-----I sure am----

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My New Clayhead---It is SANTA!!!

Here it is ---the next clayhead--it is gonna be Santa----I had fun with his face---took me a bit to do, but it is a whole new venture and I am loving that! Keep an out for this one---I am hoping to get him done by Sunday---this is all looking good on paper however!!! LOL

Monday, October 6, 2008

WSOAPP.Com is Open Tomorrow Oct.7th

At the 7th of every month WSOAPP Opens Market Square Shoppes---Check it out the link is on the right!!! Here be my offerins'-----Also---I will be listing soap at a phenominal package price for the holidays---soap customers--be sure to check that out---cuz when they are sold they are gone!

Here is my Ebay listing---he is my Clay Head Snowman---and I am happy to present him to you!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Did I DIE and Go to HEAVEN or WHAT!

There are some of you who are gonna think I am totally off my rocker---BUT I have to tell you that I have a thing for pickles---who doesn't I mean really?--My friend
Theresa/Primrulle was telling how she was busy canning pickles---how wonderful is that I thought---so I wrote her and told her what fond rememberances I had of when my Ma used to can them as well----you could smell that brine 4 blocks from the house---I used to get off of the bus and RUN all the way home just know that there were pickles a brewin'----well anywhoooo, I received a jar of these from her yesterday---I am pretty sure there was no writing on the note that I had to share them either---OMGosh you guys---it is like winning the lottery and these are wonderfully YUMMY---I cracked that jar open immediately!!!---THANK YOU dear Theresa---you are so very kind!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Yes it is true---an anniversary celebration is in order----actually an ANNIVERSARY LAUNCH is in order----it is all about Paper---I guess whoever the powers are that be---picked PAPER as the first year of anythings anniversary 'thing'---personally, if it were up to me---I would have picked something like diamonds----and that should be for every year---thus eliminating the hassle of trying to figure out what the THING is for a particular year---kapeesh? OCTOBER 2nd is the day and the Bay is where it will be----thanks for stoppin by!
Dis be mee Offering---go ahead and TRY to find the PAPER in this piece---be sure to check out my listing on this one----there is something HUGE happenin' a little surprise!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Beginnings of Something VERY VERY Interesting!

Okay---So I cleaned my workroom the other day---AND much to my surprise--ah-hum--there were things in there that I never even remember buying--let alone stashing away----anyways----I came across this clay---Laguna Clay---air dry stuff---and thought I would give it a try----here is what I came up with----and yes---yes Martha---it was fun!

He is Jack Frost and he is sitting in my favorite coffee mug so he's can dry---which I am hoping happens BEFORE the actual season is over with---betcha I should have read the directions FIRST---NAHHHHH! Oh---PS---If you have ever worked with this clay---I sure would appreciate hearing from you to let me know how it goes----I have NO clue---they say, almost clueless ---WHATEVER!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008


I did my listing of 4 items last night on Ebay---it is just about all I can do to keep from crying---we are definately in the wind down phase of this season---still--I am coming into winter kickin and screamin!

The recent turn of events regarding our economy isn't helping much either---people are so sad---and they are mad---and somewhat bewildered---but don't worry---things will get better---I am getting my ice skates sharpened today---for when hell freezes over!!!!---ewwww---kinda bad attitude for a Monday----sometime today I AM going to smile and then and only then will I be able to do the hokey pokey and turn my sweet self around----This is actually kinda Joe's fault today---he should know better than to wake me up WAY too early----I might be a bit crabby----THEN I turned on the news and who's face do I see after I wiped my eyes--first thing this mornin-----George W at 6am------'xplainin the whole dang mess----ya---I think I am pissed!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I have listed some items for SALE in my Website--take a PEEK!

Yep-----I have officially opened shop and turned the neon ON!!!----I am in the process of listing some things of the Halloween and Fall nature in my website for SALE---Keep checking back as there will be things listed in here quite regularly now---I want to also take this opportunity to thank all of my loyal customers---I love ya all and I appreciate your business more than I could ever tell ya---and that is the FACT JACK!! ---today is a catch up day---rain rain and more rain---don't get me wrong---I am pretty happy about that----Always, Renee

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Now Cut THAT Out---

Yep----Flyin around on a broom does have it's advantages---however----This is getting to be the WIND down time for the 'making' and selling of Halloween/Fall stuff---and I am devastated--totally---you do realize that this is like my most enjoyable time of the year and that Prims and Halloween hold hands---HARD----dang dang dang---oh well---here is the second to the LAST PUSH before I hang up mee broom til we meet again next year---I think I might cry!----I have this batch and one more hopefully that I will get on Ebay on Sunday---uh-ha The next batch is gonna be the bigger variety of dolls---I have a Frankenstein and Bride of and a Pumpkin Head and a Pumpkin Patch thing a majig---and some other things of this and that---then I am movin on into the winter stuff---I may do some pilgrims---just cuz---only only JUST CUZ!

Monday, September 15, 2008

WINNERS---or would that be WEINERS!

I absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt LOVE LOVE LOVE my peeps from my Volleyball teams---they are a fabulous group of gals who keep me smiliing at every turn---we had girls Fall weekend at the cabin ----and once again I am pretty sure that I killed the last two brain cells that I owned---and it was to NO fault of my own---peer pressure I say---totally----yup!

OH---BTW---Bean Bag Champ---AGAIN---gosh I hate to win----NOT---I am pretty sure it was on the verge of becoming FULL CONTACT Bag----and yes---that is my melon stuck in the hole---YIKES!

Friday, September 12, 2008

And you thought I was kiddin'---Well MAYBE!

These are my newest arrivals that will be getting listed on Ebay on Sunday at 6:30PDT---These Jack in the Boxes are a very fun display piece. These are both One of a Kinds and I only have these two in this size. The dolls are a brainchild of me---I got so tired of looking at them two starring at me EVERYTIME I would go into the spare bedroom downstairs---they were driving me NUTS---they actually were gone for a time at my little sister Rachels house and they JUST made another trip back to me a month ago----sooooo here they are all fixed up and lookin for a new home!
Dis be another 'Jack in the Box'!

This is a really really old doll --as you can see by her face--I reconditioned her to look like a witch--and she is heavy so I think she may have sawdust for filler or some dang thing---who knows--maybe I should open her up and see if there is money inside of her! Her name is 'Trixi'

She's a Vintage Composite Doll that I re-did to look like a witch---I LOVE the way she looks--She has a GORGEOUS face----her name is 'Jezzabelle' and she is pretty much the way she used to be except for her hair and clothes---her undergarments, legs and arms and head and body are the original pieces and are in wonderful shape!
Please check out for a bunch of super cool and festive Fall stuff

PS. I am going to be gone for the weekend---yippitty dang skippy---to the cabin I go with the girls from ball---I will be returning on Sunday---unless of course I win the powerball---then there's no tellin' WHAT will become of meeeeeee!

Monday, September 8, 2008

What a WEEKEND!!!

YEA---YEA---YEA---it is done and I am back and energized----it is always a great thing when I do a show---kinda gets me back in my element and messin around with my customers---who were WONDERFUL once again---thank you thank you----I had a great weekend---weather was FABULOUS---a bit nippy in the mornin, but sun was a shinin'!!! I had a couple of nutty things happen---good stories to chat about----I was standing by my soap cutting bench and I was cutting several bars for my AUNT, when this woman comes into my booth and marches right over to us and says---oh---you don't want to buy that soap---there is this woman down the block from here that is selling it for 4.50 a bar----(I sell mine for 6$)----I really believe she just thought we were customers in my booth, cutting soap-----my Aunt---bless her dear sweet heart---grabs ahold of my arm----my swingin arm LOL and smiles at me in a most loving manner--and ONLY because she knows the way that I am and totally can be----I am thinkin---honey dear---I am gonna RIP you WIDE open---but instead-----I simply replied to the silly woman---oh---oh really?---sooooooo how many ounces is that bar----she looks at the tag and says 3.75----and I say--and you paid $4.50 for it???---You poor dear---you got ripped OFF!!!!!-----and in my head I said----and we are DONE! and walked away-----God truly was smiliing down on her that day---heeheeheee----To my sister Mary and my niece Amb--thank you for coming and helping us----You filled the weekend with good humor---and I love you dearly!'s Grand Opening was yesterday---missed the cake, but LOVE everyones items---very very nice job peeps----I took a peek this mornin----

I will be listing on Ebay this week---perhaps today---but fer sure by Wednesday----gots some interesting pieces to share-----
Here are some pictures from this past weekend's events----PS.--there is truly a reason why I only do a couple of shows a year----OMGosh---I am sooooo taking a nap today!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hey NOW----I am back!

Hola Chica's=---that's Spanish---yep----I am back----with all that has happened with my sister getting real sick on us and then previous to that, my Mom----welllll---it has been a HELLISH Summer-----I just wanted all of you to know that I will be posting some items this weekend and when I get to takin some pictures I will get them up here---I am listing some really fun things on our site that will be making it's way on the scene on September 7th----a HUGE deal---and I also have a HUGE show that I am so NOT ready for---that is this weekend in Little Falls----outdoor 2-day-----should be fun-----I am gonna start self medicating any day now---OMG!!!!!

I also would like to thank all of you for your well wishes with my family stuff---you guys are everything to me -----

STAY TUNED to the same BAT channel-----same BAT time---Kazoweeeeeeeeee!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

I've Been Workin' on the Railroad---all the live long day!!


Nooooo that's not true----catchy, but FALSE---I've been workin on the sewing machine---all the live long day---I am trying to get my inventory up up up---ya THAT cracks me up----oh well---here's some of the peices I have been working on -----haven't decided where they are all going---I gots some options people---OPTIONS----I will be listing some wool items on Lemon Poppy and I am getting ready to enter some items into my new shoppe that will be unveiled through WSOAPP Sept. 7th---stay tuned for that----and I am hoping to get my selling site up and running---thanks to Sara from Graphic Pretties----she's like phenominal----totally----soooo without further ado-----

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

He's a Little Behind the 8-Ball

Usually---well usually----I throw my designs up here before I list them----Martin got diss'ed---dang it---well here he is and he is listed on Ebay as we speak---other noteworthy items would include---Mom is doing great----she is out of the hospital and at home----and I am getting ready for a HUGE show in Little Falls Minnesota----an outdoor art show----we have 2 large spots and me and Ali and Joe---we go----it is a great weekend and ya just never know what the weather will bring---but no matter what---they still come----it is AWESOME!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Best Dang Sweet Annie EVER!!!!! No Kiddin'!!!

If you are looking for the freshest most fragrant most olive colored sweet annie---well look no more----Lex from Northwind Star Primitives has it---and it is the yummiest Sweet Annie I have ever had----fresh and supple----the smell is unbeliveable---I got some last week from her and man oh man---well worth the money----by FAR! You can go to her blog via the list on right side of my screen and then to her Ebay stuff-----Really a great Gal too---tell 'er I sent cha---

Monday, July 28, 2008

My Newest Creation~~~ADDY & ALBERT

My latest listing on the Bay---Addy and Albert the Crow----she went on last night----I have to admit that I have been a bit of a slacker as of late with my stuff---I feel I am like a male Black Lab in the Spring---too many great 'summer' smells in the air for meeeeeee-----OMG---I am so very easily distracted---usually it goes away after a time---nope---it's that damn bike out in the garage---that's what it is!!!! LOL La-la-la-la-la-----money??? who needs THAT?---FOOD?---well duh---but but but---

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Halloween Parade~~~ Be there or be square!!!!

Yep~~~~Here be mee offerin for the Halloween Parade on WSOAPP~~~~It is a One of a Kind Trio of Witches and it is listed on Ebay from this Sunday evening (July 20) until next Sunday evening----I wish I was a better photographer----I may add pictures later---she is truly a wonderful piece that deserves better pics-----however, I am giddy to present her royal 3-some to you!! ABSOLUTELY!!! Oh---and now that it has listed---I am pretty sure that people think I have lost my MIND!!!---short trip---I know---there is always a good explanation for the crazy things I do----and when I think of one---I'll get back to ya's----LOL!

Friday, July 18, 2008

July 20th Ebay Halloween Parade on WSOAPP!!!!

I am not at liberty to divuldge EXACTLY what I got cookin' in a cauldron---but I am giddy with anticipation to get it on a float for the BIG Extravaganza at WSOAPP-----I get to throw candy for the parade as well----I have mee lawn chair already strategically placed in the back of my big girl pick up truck and I am pretty sure there is a cooler in there too!---I can HARDLY wait!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

HO ~ HO ~ HO ~ Ya gotta be kiddin MEEEEE!

Cornelius J. Claus and Kringle the Cow are making their debut on Ebay at 8:30 CDT-----It is Christmas in July on PFACC and dis be me offerin'-----

Monday, July 14, 2008

5--yep 5 New Dolls Got Listed Tonite!

YEA!!! Moving right along---5 new dolls got listed tonite---4 in Lemon Poppy Seeds and the other will go in Ebay---here is a bit of a preview-----
Kind of a crappy picture now that I see it up close and personal---sorry about that----oh pooh!
I never will ever be a great photgrapher---not even mediochre---dang it----best keep mee day job!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

BOO! YIKES---Now, He's Kinda Scarey!!!

Just gettin' him done for tonites listing on Ebay---I have a been working at quite a pace to bring to life my next batch of dolls---they are gonna be all listed this week in various places (and times) like on LPS, CFP, Etsy, and Ebay-----I am looking forward to getting them on---well---gots to finish them first---THEN I git to put them on--there's always some sort of flow chart I have to follow daily----blah blah blah-----we are also having a Halloween Parade Launch on WSOAPP on the 20th of July so do mark your calendars and it is Christmas in July on PFACC right now----I am putting some crazy funky stuff together---must be stressed or something cuz the sillies are coming OUT in my work!!! Thumbs up on that one---finally!!!-----We also have some pretty exciting things gonna be happenin in my world with my craft---can hardly wait to have that one come to light----oh---and I also did some super grungy primitives for my prim prim people----a black dang santa that is kooky----and some more BOXES---yep---I said BOXES----so same bat time---same bat channel---wham-oooo---cazzowwwie----'MEMBER that?

Oh Gosh

It's been a while since I have been on here---and no excuse----it has been a whirl wind here.  I am in the process of trying to figure o...