Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What Cha Been Doin'???

Oh I'll show ya's---I made some Bunny Rabbers---I made 4 of them---however the other two aren't going to be unveiled until my listings go up---but here are the first two and they will be listed on Ebay-----Big girl is made from Paper Mache and has a cotton eyelet dress and pantaloons with a TON of detail and she is holding a book that is the epitamy of cute--it is an antique garden book and dates 1853---it refers to flowers in their genus names and then it attaches poetry to those names---little bunny girl is called 'Blissful Blessings' and she is hand needle felted wool sheeps hair----she is holding a wool egg that is needle felted with pink polka dots----yup---it is the time of year that the Rabbits get a nod!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Listings Listings Listings!!!!

Hey guys---I am just writing a quick note to let you know that I have some new listings on Ebay and Etsy---here are some bears that will be going on this Sunday on Ebay---the other items are on the side bars of my blog--- if you care to take a peek!---I am currently working on some chocolate and wool sachets and some bunnies and some raggedy annie angels---soon to be arriving this next week----I will be sending outr a new newsletter chuck full of all of my new items and also I am currently working on promotion that I am personally running through this blog and my newsletter---so do keep an eye out for that! If you would like to be included in my newsletter---please contact me to get on the mailing list!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!

These sweet bears were made from a gorgeous chocolate brown mink and they have leather paws----the larger one has a growler inside of her!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The Big Huge event is finally here---and without further ado----here is the link to the Spring Fling that is going on in Ebay----22 Items---yup---22---all in one auction---you simply just have to check it out! Hurry though it is a 10 day auction!!
WSOAPP Spring Fling on Ebay

Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's Market Street Time at WSOAPP

Well I took a stroll over there this morning---and the stuff that is listed is absolutely GORGEOUS---you may want to head on over there---grab a cup of coffee first though---holy cow!!! Here is one of the bowls I have listed---oh---and ya know---I am looking at the pictures that I just put on here today---and I seem to be stuck in the Polka Dots scene---WHAT do you suppose is up with that---I dunno!!!!

This is my Big Girl Bowl---it is thick wood and it is a great piece!

Here's My Jars!!!

Well---I finally got my stuff done for the shop and I am back to the blog scene---thought I would list some stuff today and catch up with some peeps and then maybe take a nap---much needed nap BTW!!!

These jars are fun to make----I will have them listed on Etsy this afternoon----as you can see by the pictures they are frosted---frosted with an acid cream called Armour Etch----first I got round stickers and placed them all over the jar---then I re-pressed them because they need to be ON THERE GOOD and no areas that aren't stuck or your 'circle' will be messed up. Follow the directions on the bottle--now when I tell ya it is acid cream---it is--and it eats the shiney surface of the glass---so it can be washed---after it is complete and it will always be frosted---forever--unlike a spray on frost---capeesh? Now--the cream is expensive and so I suggest that you bring your coupon with you to Michaels or JoAnnes---

The GORGEOUS tag that is on there was purchased from Mare at Oak Hollow Primitives---you really need to check out her stuff---she is an awesome artist and her work is comparable to none----here is her link to her Etsy Shop---be sure to check her out--you will NOT be disappointed!

Oak Hollow Primitives

Oh Gosh

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