Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh Nooooo!!! My Hopeless Sad Sunday

Contrary to what people may say about the Vikings loss---I for one am very proud of them---it is soooo easy for all of us to sit and scrutinize each and every play---each mistake as if they (the Viking players) were the stupidest people on the planet---Cracks me up to realize that obviously he was a FORCE to be reconned with as they double teamed him on every play---I have to say that I enjoyed each and every minute watching them play from the start of the season to the end. As sad as I am that they didn't win--I am sitting here relishing in the fantastic season they did have. It wasn't just about my cutie patootie Brett Favre--as I am in love with several others on the team---it was about the whole team and what HE did to bring great chemistry and spirit to MN. He made that team rise to the occassion by giving it their all---no matter what---I watched the game in horror to see him get laid out 15 times or more HARD on the ground---I watched his wife and daughter in the stands being upset whenever that would happen---he is in my estimation one of the BEST athletes and QB's EVER---I care not what anyone says about him waivering on coming back or not---he has that right and he has TOTALLY earned that in my opinion--he works so hard each and every game and puts his heart and soul into it---he has built up a HUGE offense and allowed that to be very deep by giving numerous players the opportunities to move the ball. Obviously the best two teams are going to the BIG DANCE---and that is how it should be--those two teams were top of their divisions throughout the season and our loss last night by 3 points proves that we were in line for that to happen--it was a hard game to watch--but I am proud of them and very proud of Brett Favre---Hold your heads up MN---He'll be back---I just KNOW it! It breaks my heart to see how beat up he got----oh---and BTW--- 40 year olds are NOT dead---they just get better with age and have alot more patience with the ball---TRUE THAT!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The 1st Window Pattern is HERE!!!

I have my first window pattern done and put into pdf form---Thank YOU so much to Mare from Oakhollow Primitives---she did the transformation for me---and I don't know what I would have done without her---She always has such GORGEOUS things listed in WSOAPP Market and in Etsy so please check her out---she is a good friend and amazing artist!!!! Love ya Mare!!! This Pattern is for the 'NOEL' window pictured. Each Pattern is a One of a Kind BirchBerry Farms Original Design & Concept. You get the instruction sheets on how to's, the templates and diagrams for placement. All the info you need to complete this frosted window. Please keep an eye out for more current to season window patterns----I am working dilegently to get those completed and listed.
PRICE for Pattern will email to you in pdf Form: $10

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Hola My Pretties!

Howdy---well I am here in the house toasty warm---just got back from Caribou where I met my cousin for a wonderful cup of campfire mocha coffee and I am just posting a quick note all jacked up on caffeine---LOL----

I am running a little sale in my Etsy--free shipping on mittens until Valentines Day (US ONLY sorry!)--do check that out---they really are wonderfully warm and fashionable!

To all of you sweet tarts that have been emailing me about the window pattern--thank you so much for being so patient with me---I am having some issues with my reformatting into pdf files---I really wish I knew why---so I had to call in the big guns to help untangle the mess that I have created with alllll of my pattern files----yup----never a dull day here! Just wanted to let you know though---

It has been below zero here for the past two weeks---let's not even factor in a little ditty we lovingly call WIND CHILL---and while I am not complaining---aww heck--YES I AM---I have never hated winter as much as I do this particular year---and I am a winter girl---so I have figured out that being in menopause is really messin with me---hot flashes and all and I am now resorting to being happy not really going anywhere---anytime---sooooo if the people that reside here are thinking that grocery shopping is in the near future--well they better start saying their prayers that it gets above freezing soon---cuz this chick is staying PUT ---I don't really mind pb&j sandwiches----nope!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My WSOAPP Market Offerins' for January!

I have been STUCK in the Prim Prim world for a couple of months---and it has been great to go back to the things I have known to LOVE all these years----I have 4 dolls listed in my Market Street Shoppe and would love you to pop in there to see all of the fabulous artists' works for January----Valentines Day is right around the corner--and I don't know about you guys---but I sure could use some LOVIN' these days!!! LOL Here is the link and a peek at one of my creations!!!

WSOAPP Market Shoppes

Oh Gosh

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