Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just Came Outta the OVEN!

OH Here I am---I just got done with the last of my listings on Ebay and thought I would pop in to mee blog and see if I could get my slideshow to work---am kinda happy about that dealio---who knew by a push of a button or two---VIOLA---you have moving pictures--and the pictures are actually of the stuff I made---how cool is that? YEP---I am feeling pretty darn sassy right now---probably need to go and ruffle someones feathers somewhere---or mess up my hair----maybe get a tatoo to reflect upon this particular day----and any of you who know me---well ya know what I am talkin about!---I am feeling smart---extrememly smart---scarey huh--sometimes it is truly the small things in life----it really doesn't take much with this gal---a canister of Poppy Cock with Nuts of course----a Diet Coke with Lime and the current Country Home Magazine would really make this day a complete success! Good Golly!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Quietly Bestowed Upon Me!

Sometimes I think I act like a Hummingbird---Flittering as fast and as furious as I possibly can to get from point 'A' to point 'B'----I am not real good at it---but in my head I have great ASPIRATIONS!!! I popped onto a Blog ( that a friend had sent me to check out because it was so good) and met a new friend ---her name is Cookie----she writes stories and has pictures and music and everything---her Blog Rocks the Casba----She added me to her Blog and put my link into a spotlight----I can not thank her enough for doing that for this relatively new kid on the block---- that was so very very sweet of her to do---she's the type of gal that is always paying it forward----so as the circle must continually try to complete itself---so shall I add to the payment forward----I love you Cookie and Thank You for the thoughtful things you do for so many people in your life---AND to top it off---she digs the REAL Rock & Roll---when Rock & Roll actually was sang for a reason----

I did really enjoy this past weekends adventures---the weather was spectacular and the company even better---I wouldn't trade anything in the world for it----well maybe being able to sit on my butt without cringing---but other than that----nope---would not change a thing----

The pictures above is everyone that goes with us----this year we had it at our cabin---we usually find places to go all over the Minnesota, Wisconsin & Michigan borders----don't know how much longer we will do the things we do---until that day comes---well Happy Trails my friends!

She's Returned Unscaved!!!!

Whewwwweeee----I am back from my Snowmobile trip to the Northland and I am in one piece---which is always a good thing in my book. For the many many years I have been riding a snowmobile---it has never really been a big deal to me---I suppose maybe because I am scared to you know whatless sometimes with the stupidity of it all----Let's review---Grown (quite possibly OLD) people on motorized vehicles that travel at great speeds across snow covered icy terrains in the cold with basically just a helmet protecting them from getting hurt----I am not even going to factor in the monitary part of all of that fun and fulfilment---let's just roll with the first part of this story-----NOW, in all of these years of climbing very large hills (which what goes up MUST come down) and going on long and sometimes horrendous adventures (getting lost in the deep woods and then coming up to a place that we either turn around and go back down the same way we came (NO WAY!!!) OR we just cross this little ole river here that isn't quite frozen over all the way----don't forget to GUN it hard and fast or you will never make it over---so this is where we can factor in the peer pressure---and that little song that keeps popping in mee head from time and again---'anything you can do I can do better'---ya---that song---I happen to be sitting 3rd in line for the impending fate of it all---the bank on the other side was really steep too---so, if my physics serve me well (failed it in High School---but just KNEW this wasn't gonna be good----I think they call that COMMON SENSE!) This was a bad bad bad idea----however, we proceed----Ya know that little law of nature called gravity??? That is another interesting thing that happens with 800 lbs of sled on steep hills---So---we all made it---yes, yes we did---little anti-climatic I know-----However, in saying that, I am pretty sure that the inventor of panty liners was a woman who was married to a man who does things like this particular adventure and that she designed them for so many many other reasons and I was counting them in my head ALL the way back!!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

What a MESS

For any of you who happened to look at my listings yesterday as they were closing---wellll I may need to explain myself---ya see---I never really ever claimed to be brilliant when it comes to the computer and tech stuff---note to self---never delete your pictures from the bucket if they are in your listings---that is just no good---especially when you do it under the 12 hour before listing close deadline---yep---also, no good---it will only make you loose hair and have that sensation in your stomach like you are on a hellish ride at the State Fair that never stops---and the ride operator is missing several teeth and the ones that are in his mouth aren't all going in the same direction---you know the guy I am talking about too! So then I tried like a mad woman to get it figured out---wellllll----didn't work out so good---soooooo, I am beginning to realize today, that this is one of those DUH moments and that it was so obvious that I could just cry---what in the WORLD do you suppose made me do that???? I just dunno! Do you suppose this is another one of those things I could somehow blame my parents for? HMMMM?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Newest Arrivals

I have been frantically sewing to get these guys done---sniffles and ALL---sure wish this cold of mine would take a hike---I am listing them tomorrow as time slipped away from under me again today---I swear to heavens I need a person standing behind me snapping their fingers and yelling go-go-go---preferrably someone really tall dark and handsome, muscular would be nice------oops, shhhh--dummy up--here comes Joe!

This guy is reminiscent of Humpty Dumpty---He also comes with a picture and the poem of the Wonderful Classic.

She is just a riot---this make-do was so much fun to make---I absolutely was crazed over her when she was in my head---both of these dolls are One of a Kind and the pattern came from sitting on the floor with muslin and osnaburg in front of me---pair of scissors completely cutting like a mad woman---no pattern involved and viola! Okay, maybe not so viola---had ALOT more to do after that whole cutting thing!

Friday, February 8, 2008

YES---they are listed

Well it is official---I listed the 4 of them there Rabbits today---I need a nap!

I got my Rabbits done and I hopefully will be listing them today---I am realizing now that time has just zipped by my head---Easter, apparently is going to be early this year--Who signed for THAT----and was Christmas early this year too cuz I really don't remember----- YIKES---Calgon, take me away!

This litte gal was the very first one I did---sssshhhh--she even has a petticoat! Remember--Look at Uncle Joe he's a walkin' kinda slow at the Juction---Petticoat Junction! I loved that old show.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Just about Today

I am finally gettin my Rabbbbbits moving right along---painted faces today and made their clothes--I have 4 of them----I can hardly wait to get them listed this week---I am also in the process of trying to figure out just how to take better pictures of my items---that has truly been one of those 'things' that is making me NUTS and I REALLY do not need any help, as it is a short trip for me already!

Friday, February 1, 2008

LOVE the DOLLY GIRLS ALWAYS---and the funny thing is, that is where I actually started way back when in this crazy business of creating--they have always been near and dear to my heart! This is 'Gwendalynn' and she went out to a regular customer of mine that is a sweetheart--I am happy she went to a good home!

We are working hard in both my groups to get some items listed surrounding the upcoming Holidays--Valentines, St. Pats & Easter--Hope if you have some time, you pop in and check that out! I did list this Heart Make-Do as well--It is very Whimsical--and I did it in 4 colors---1 already sold and 3 others are listed.

Sweetheart Garden/Indoor Stone

I got some items listed yesterday--pretty happy about that--here is one that I am particularly fond of--it is my Garden/Indoor Heart Stone. It says 'My Beloved' on the front and is looking pretty grungy---

Oh Gosh

It's been a while since I have been on here---and no excuse----it has been a whirl wind here.  I am in the process of trying to figure o...