Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Beginnings of Something VERY VERY Interesting!

Okay---So I cleaned my workroom the other day---AND much to my surprise--ah-hum--there were things in there that I never even remember buying--let alone stashing away----anyways----I came across this clay---Laguna Clay---air dry stuff---and thought I would give it a try----here is what I came up with----and yes---yes Martha---it was fun!

He is Jack Frost and he is sitting in my favorite coffee mug so he's can dry---which I am hoping happens BEFORE the actual season is over with---betcha I should have read the directions FIRST---NAHHHHH! Oh---PS---If you have ever worked with this clay---I sure would appreciate hearing from you to let me know how it goes----I have NO clue---they say, almost clueless ---WHATEVER!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008


I did my listing of 4 items last night on Ebay---it is just about all I can do to keep from crying---we are definately in the wind down phase of this season---still--I am coming into winter kickin and screamin!

The recent turn of events regarding our economy isn't helping much either---people are so sad---and they are mad---and somewhat bewildered---but don't worry---things will get better---I am getting my ice skates sharpened today---for when hell freezes over!!!!---ewwww---kinda bad attitude for a Monday----sometime today I AM going to smile and then and only then will I be able to do the hokey pokey and turn my sweet self around----This is actually kinda Joe's fault today---he should know better than to wake me up WAY too early----I might be a bit crabby----THEN I turned on the news and who's face do I see after I wiped my eyes--first thing this mornin-----George W at 6am------'xplainin the whole dang mess----ya---I think I am pissed!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I have listed some items for SALE in my Website--take a PEEK!

Yep-----I have officially opened shop and turned the neon ON!!!----I am in the process of listing some things of the Halloween and Fall nature in my website for SALE---Keep checking back as there will be things listed in here quite regularly now---I want to also take this opportunity to thank all of my loyal customers---I love ya all and I appreciate your business more than I could ever tell ya---and that is the FACT JACK!! ---today is a catch up day---rain rain and more rain---don't get me wrong---I am pretty happy about that----Always, Renee

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Now Cut THAT Out---

Yep----Flyin around on a broom does have it's advantages---however----This is getting to be the WIND down time for the 'making' and selling of Halloween/Fall stuff---and I am devastated--totally---you do realize that this is like my most enjoyable time of the year and that Prims and Halloween hold hands---HARD----dang dang dang---oh well---here is the second to the LAST PUSH before I hang up mee broom til we meet again next year---I think I might cry!----I have this batch and one more hopefully that I will get on Ebay on Sunday---uh-ha The next batch is gonna be the bigger variety of dolls---I have a Frankenstein and Bride of and a Pumpkin Head and a Pumpkin Patch thing a majig---and some other things of this and that---then I am movin on into the winter stuff---I may do some pilgrims---just cuz---only only JUST CUZ!

Monday, September 15, 2008

WINNERS---or would that be WEINERS!

I absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt LOVE LOVE LOVE my peeps from my Volleyball teams---they are a fabulous group of gals who keep me smiliing at every turn---we had girls Fall weekend at the cabin ----and once again I am pretty sure that I killed the last two brain cells that I owned---and it was to NO fault of my own---peer pressure I say---totally----yup!

OH---BTW---Bean Bag Champ---AGAIN---gosh I hate to win----NOT---I am pretty sure it was on the verge of becoming FULL CONTACT Bag----and yes---that is my melon stuck in the hole---YIKES!

Friday, September 12, 2008

And you thought I was kiddin'---Well MAYBE!

These are my newest arrivals that will be getting listed on Ebay on Sunday at 6:30PDT---These Jack in the Boxes are a very fun display piece. These are both One of a Kinds and I only have these two in this size. The dolls are a brainchild of me---I got so tired of looking at them two starring at me EVERYTIME I would go into the spare bedroom downstairs---they were driving me NUTS---they actually were gone for a time at my little sister Rachels house and they JUST made another trip back to me a month ago----sooooo here they are all fixed up and lookin for a new home!
Dis be another 'Jack in the Box'!

This is a really really old doll --as you can see by her face--I reconditioned her to look like a witch--and she is heavy so I think she may have sawdust for filler or some dang thing---who knows--maybe I should open her up and see if there is money inside of her! Her name is 'Trixi'

She's a Vintage Composite Doll that I re-did to look like a witch---I LOVE the way she looks--She has a GORGEOUS face----her name is 'Jezzabelle' and she is pretty much the way she used to be except for her hair and clothes---her undergarments, legs and arms and head and body are the original pieces and are in wonderful shape!
Please check out WSOAPP.com for a bunch of super cool and festive Fall stuff

PS. I am going to be gone for the weekend---yippitty dang skippy---to the cabin I go with the girls from ball---I will be returning on Sunday---unless of course I win the powerball---then there's no tellin' WHAT will become of meeeeeee!

Monday, September 8, 2008

What a WEEKEND!!!

YEA---YEA---YEA---it is done and I am back and energized----it is always a great thing when I do a show---kinda gets me back in my element and messin around with my customers---who were WONDERFUL once again---thank you thank you----I had a great weekend---weather was FABULOUS---a bit nippy in the mornin, but sun was a shinin'!!! I had a couple of nutty things happen---good stories to chat about----I was standing by my soap cutting bench and I was cutting several bars for my AUNT, when this woman comes into my booth and marches right over to us and says---oh---you don't want to buy that soap---there is this woman down the block from here that is selling it for 4.50 a bar----(I sell mine for 6$)----I really believe she just thought we were customers in my booth, cutting soap-----my Aunt---bless her dear sweet heart---grabs ahold of my arm----my swingin arm LOL and smiles at me in a most loving manner--and ONLY because she knows the way that I am and totally can be----I am thinkin---honey dear---I am gonna RIP you WIDE open---but instead-----I simply replied to the silly woman---oh---oh really?---sooooooo how many ounces is that bar----she looks at the tag and says 3.75----and I say--and you paid $4.50 for it???---You poor dear---you got ripped OFF!!!!!-----and in my head I said----and we are DONE! and walked away-----God truly was smiliing down on her that day---heeheeheee----To my sister Mary and my niece Amb--thank you for coming and helping us----You filled the weekend with good humor---and I love you dearly!

WSOAPP.com's Grand Opening was yesterday---missed the cake, but LOVE everyones items---very very nice job peeps----I took a peek this mornin----

I will be listing on Ebay this week---perhaps today---but fer sure by Wednesday----gots some interesting pieces to share-----
Here are some pictures from this past weekend's events----PS.--there is truly a reason why I only do a couple of shows a year----OMGosh---I am sooooo taking a nap today!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hey NOW----I am back!

Hola Chica's=---that's Spanish---yep----I am back----with all that has happened with my sister getting real sick on us and then previous to that, my Mom----welllll---it has been a HELLISH Summer-----I just wanted all of you to know that I will be posting some items this weekend and when I get to takin some pictures I will get them up here---I am listing some really fun things on our WSOAPP.com site that will be making it's way on the scene on September 7th----a HUGE deal---and I also have a HUGE show that I am so NOT ready for---that is this weekend in Little Falls----outdoor 2-day-----should be fun-----I am gonna start self medicating any day now---OMG!!!!!

I also would like to thank all of you for your well wishes with my family stuff---you guys are everything to me -----

STAY TUNED to the same BAT channel-----same BAT time---Kazoweeeeeeeeee!!!!

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