Thursday, March 27, 2008

They GOT ME!!!!

Today---unlike any other ordinary day---I had an MRI---they got me to cram this 6 ft. One hundred and bladdy bladdy pound body into this really tiny tube---okay maybe not tiny, but it reminded me of the days of making tunnels in the snow---I am soooo passed all of that----I was doing great---hummin' right along I would say---until they said okay, here we go---it started to make these really loud funky noises---I had head phones on too---and I was listening to my favorite radio station---who could hear it over all of that NOISE?----I heard it stop and was like WHEWWWW---only to hear the nurse say---are you okay??? we can't get a good non-blurry picture of you---apparently I was breathing like I just ran the 20K marathon that I am NEVER going to do BTW----wellll---I am thinking--you got me pinned down---laying on top of my shoulder that is sore---you have my arm and my hand tucked under my butt and I am supposed to lay still for 15 minutes---which I say it was more like 2 hours---but who's really keeping track of that---I am in so much pain at this point I may have to pea in my pants and you are asking me if I am alright---NOPE--the answer would be No----then I get my pictures on this wonderful CD to take home with me and show the grand kids some day of my heroing MRI experience and I notice, they don't even have my good side---and what the heck---how can I make Christmas cards outta these? Cruel WORLD I'm thinkin'!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

TOO Much Skipping Down the Sidewalk!

HEY---here I am--apparently people have been looking for me and I must have been spending too much time just skippin' down the sidewalk with a wad of gum in my mouth---cuz I really do NOT know where the time went---Good LORD! Anywhoooooo---I just listed a Bunch -O-Stuff (wellll depending on what your definition is for BUNCH) that I had been working on before I departed for the North for the Big Bad Easter fill your face with food WEEKEND---so here is a peek--I have the other stuff in my slide show----You guys---if I have a nervous breakdown---you would come to see me in the insane assylum right? JUST checkin'---Oh My LAND!

Friday, March 21, 2008


I am leaving this morning to go home for Easter and just wanted to tell all of you to have a Wonderfully Blessed Easter with your Family and Loved ones----and eat as many Jelly Beans as you can possibly fit in your mouth---OR Chocolate Bunnies--or Peeps---or---Malted Milk Eggs with that really cool shell covering that can turn your lips BLUE!!!!----LOVE them too! Talk to ya's when i get back home here to the big city! XXOO, Renee

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Boy I Think I am Just Plain DUMB!

Okay---so I have been noticing these live traffic feeds on peoples blogs---and I would look at them and think---hmmm---those are cool---and why would I think that??? Well because of those really pretty little Flags from peoples' Countries---so then I decided to put one of them there thing-a-majiggies into my blog----just now--I looked at it and realized---I DON'T GET IT!!!! WHAT IS IT DOING???? WHY IS IT DOING THAT??? AND WHAT IN THE HECK DOES IT ALL MEAN? Good LORD!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

OKAY---Back by Popular Demand---I made some More!

Hiya---welll----I made some more of these boxes---I guess we are gonna be doing these for a bit yet---these are really kinda fun----I just listed two seperate sets of 3 AND two little oval ones----so here they are! OH---I put the 3 others in my slide show!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Awwwwww---You Made My Day----To My Super Tech friend Sara from Graphic Pretties and My Sweet Tart Cookie from Curds & Whey---if I were you two girlies I would be shakin' a big ole stick at that Miss Renee---she REALLY needs to get her POOP in a group---for cryin' out loud----However, might need to tell ya---there really is a method to all of my madness and as soon as I figure it out you all will be the first to know!!!!! Honestly though, I am in much appreciation for all that you two mean to me---I am blessed beyond words to know you and to call you friends----besides that---I really like stoppin' by from time and again to visit and share a yuck or two---oh and coffee with that wonderful creamer we all love!
So I am passing the torch onto these next FABULOUS people----I love all of you's guys!

Here are my People I am passing this honor on to~~~~~
Maggie from Cedar Hill Rustics
Sam from GollyWobbles
Melissa from Idjutsister
Shell from Kissingfish
Pea from PeaPickers Prims
Cindy from Pywackit Prims
Marcy from Raggedy Kinfolk
Brenda from RustyCreek Prims
Lisa from Your NeedfulThings
Lynnie from AddieHattie Prims

Sunday, March 16, 2008

WSOAPP Fabric Swap Launch March 16th!!!!!


The fabric launch is here---we swapped fabric secretly ----we mailed them to our secret people---then we each made a doll out of the fabric we recieived and out of the fabric that we sent out----kinda FUN----and I can hardly wait to see what everyone has been up to---quiet all weekend in the posting department---toooooo funny! OH---PS--- I have added 4 new dolls to my slideshow --- 2 of which are secret fabric exchange dolls!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It is Gonna be a GREAT Day!!

Today is the day---the day that I said to myself, I am going to figure out how it is that people do those awesome little wool creatures----I am packed with my packages to go to the Post and then RIGHT up the street from there is a Darling Wool Shop that I love---oh---and all the people that work there are FABULOUS--it is called All About Yarn---I break out in HIVES when I go in that shop----the wool that is in there---OH MYLANTA----like I've died and went to HEAVEN----not to worry--I will be back---I have listings closing today and I have plenty-o-catchin' up to do with my Blog stuff and my ME page and I may need to call one of my boys and twist their head back onto their shoulders---Perfect things to do on a dreary overcast day---if ya ask me!

Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Official---I listed on Etsy

With much prompting from my friends Brenda and Carla, I have now listed on Etsy---I will for now only be featuring my Homemade Soap as I can only keep track of a limited amount of THINGS---while chewing gum and walking at the same time---I do believe it is a right side left side brain thing when people can keep track of LOTS-O-STUFF and I really am not sure I have either of those sides---so that's the darn deal there----I only did 9 Flavors (wrong word---SCENTS) and honestly it was a chore picking out which they would be---as I am in the interem with swinging into my Spring Line of soaps---Oh Mylanta---I can hardly wait to get some Lilac and Apricot Freesia and Sweet Grass and Fresh Cut Grass and and and---it will be MARVELOUS darlings---just MARVELOUS!!! And who doesn't use SOAP???? Kinda excited about the whole thing----I hope you will be too!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Outta the LOOP

For those of you who are looking for me and can't seem to figure what in the WORLD happen to Renee----and why hasn't she been into to POST in group???---wellllll---just gots to get through this weekend---State Hockey Tournies here in Minnesota and darlin sweetie Ali girl is a Cheerleader for the boys---so there ya have it---Besides, gives me a nice little break to watch my FAVORITE Winter sport-----GO BLAINE BENGALS!!! We are in Consellation this afternoon---always a bridesmaid NEVER a BRIDE----oh well---happy that they made it this far---and very proud of them as well----PS.....'Dis be the PURDIEST Dolly Girl I have ever made---I kept her too!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Done Went and Got 'em Listed!!!

Okidokee---it is a good day when the things that you are wanting to get done---basically get DONE---No interruptions---No shiney things to distract me (that is what usually happens)----a fresh layer of snow on the ground (keeps me at home so I don't venture out)---a full pot-o-coffee and a new container of Mocha Marshmello Creamer---OMGosh---what else could possibly have gone so right today----Now I am just waiting for my husband to waltz in the door after his long day at work and be saying things like--honey I'm home--or--how was your day---you look tired, come on over here and I'll rub your feet for you----Ha-ha-ha---like THAT'S gonna happen---I will settle for anything at this point---because ya know---it was all good in Blaine today! and THAT never really happens---HMMMM

Monday, March 3, 2008

My Next Batch

Hiya---I just got done downloading pictures into the bucket and I added some to my slideshow----does anyone out there have the same cold as I do---cuz if you do---it is a doozie and it hangs on for like EVER and I am sick sick sick of it so it can just go away any time now---okay--where was I ---OH---this is one of my attempts to do an Americanna Bunny---Hope you enjoy looking at my new pictures---Toodles for now---I'm off to get some Alka Seltzer and then out the door for ball---Talk to ya's later!

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