Tuesday, May 27, 2008

From Previous Post---were gonna be listed on Sunday---but NOOOOOO!


My newest creations----it is really unbelievable that I am doing Halloween so early~~ You are NOT gonna hear me complainin' though! No SIR!

The 3 Black Cats are ~ See No Evil ~ Hear No Evil ~ Speak No Evil Cats----I am not sure where they are all going yet---some may be on Ebay---and on LPS----I dunno---but they will be somewhere soon! All these guys are original designs by me and are just NARLY!

Monday, May 26, 2008

By the Grace of GOD

For all of you who have been emailing me---here is what happened in my neck of the World yesterday---a day that I will remember always---many of you know that I was up at the National Sports Center here in Blaine MN doing my annual 'gig' with my large group of Blaine High School students. I do this every Memorial weekend. It is always a scarey thing to be responsible for the safety of so many kids my 17 year old daughter included. I decided to run home for a brief time to get some NORMAL food yesterday afternoon---from the time I got home and made a sammy to the time I turned the TV and realized what a horrible mistake I had made in coming home---well---let's just say---GOOD LORD! The sky had turned in an instant---absolutely green and very very instant----it just POPPED---my parent 'leads' that I had left up there at the NSC were notified by me and thanks to the good Lord I had the presence of mind at the morning meeting to explain severe storm protocol to all of my groups---what I expected they were to do because we were aware that storms may develop and for the life of me---well for ONCE they listened and they all did what they were supposed to do---and it was WONDERFUL----we had a tornado touchdown 3 blocks from my home while I was home making my sammy.---my neighborhood is in shambles, totally like a war zone--- but thankfully all peeps are okay--we did not sustain any major damage here at our home, but some of my neighbors were not so lucky---we had one fatality and 9 critically injured 10 miles east of us---in Hugo---please pray for those families---especially for the 2 year old child who died---my heart is broken for that family----I am thanking God still to this moment because this could have been alot worse---it really could have!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Head Out on The Highway----Born to be Wild!

Well he did it---he went and got the bike of his dreams---For over 2 years now I have been hauled to every bike show---looked at every magazine picture of the 'oh that's a nice one' bike and been online countless times showing him the PROPER manner to which we search for things---NOT going there with what happens when you type a certain string of words together---Oh Mylanta----but here is THEE BIKE----I have now been kicked out of the garage---it is really my happy place where I do my wood working----the best part of all of this is if you guys knew Joe---well--he would make you smile---he is like a 16 year old that JUST got their license to drive---HYSTARICAL---I have him going to the grocery store for the dumbest things and for the first time EVER he is Jonny on the spot to fly and get that!! What's it all about--ALPHIE!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Do You Ever Hear That Song?

Do you ever hear that song in your head if and when you think about the Wizard of Oz??? It's the one that goes along with the Wicked Witch riding on her bike and little sweet Toto is in the basket??? I have that song permantly stuck in my small small brain---devasted I was when I first saw that movie---that that mean old witch would do such a thing----and I am going to have to say that I am pretty sure that is the VERY reason my sweet little sister Mary is afraid of bad weather---TORNADOES!!!! I can remember her pacing back and forth on the sidewalk at the very sight of a slightly darkened cloud---sunshine or not outside---she was wringing her hands and sweating bullets pacing back and forth ---back and forth----on the sidewalk in front of our childhood home---looking to the sky as if it was gonna open up and swallow her up----wished it---NEVER happened though----only because I wanted her to feel accomplished---so she could say 'SEEEEE--I TOLD YA SO!!!!'-----would NOT wish it now---even though I have always loved her deeply---she was a BIG---I mean BIG scaredy CAT! She is finally wrapping up her therapy sessions regarding this and I am hoping this will be her first summer that she can enjoy the great outdoors----she's a year younger than me if that gives you any concept about how long her therapy has lasted---SSHHHH--we don't like to talk about it!----Love ya MOOTS!

These two ladies are now listed on Ebay----I am thrilled to bring them to you!

Friday, May 9, 2008

I am Going on a Sebatical--NOOOO!!!! IT'S GIRLS WEEKEND!!!

I am just popping in quick like to let ya'll know that I am going to be gone this weekend with my girlies from Volleyball----I am not coming home until Sunday evening---So first order of biznezzz is to say Happy Moms Day to all of my lovelies----you guys are my smile maker----and to let you all know that I will behave---nope--BIG LIE----LOL! There may be some gambling involved as well---not really sure as I relinquished my camp coordinator duties to the next person in line---this weekend, I am just a rider on this train!!!!! YIPEEEEEEE!!!! Can you tell I am a wee bit zipped up on caffeine????

Thursday, May 8, 2008

It was Just a Matter of Time!

You all know it was just a matter of time before I jumped onto the Fall band wagon---I have been looking around and some of the big time dolly makers have already started making some of their Fall/Halloween wares----I pondered---nope---I said HOLY GARBONZO BEANS (that's a lie--it really was something else too naughty to say right here right now)---sign me up for this program---because in MY world nothing screams Primitive like Halloween----and you do NOT have to drag me in kicking and screaming to make anything in that Realm----So here goes my first installment---Ode to Fall---ALREADY!!!---hope you enjoy!!! Oh ----BTW---Now that I am 'IN'---does that mean that I am gonna miss summer completely?---cuz that would really you know what!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

You Guys---I am crackin' UP!!!

Okay----I wish I had a dime for every person who asked me about that dang DPT shot in my previous post---it is histarical---I am beginning to think we folk here in Minnesota are the only people that do the Diptheria (never heard of anyone ever getting that) Pertussis (what? Somethin about wooping cough or the croop) and Tetanus (lock jaw from blood infection---if ya asked Joe---he probably wouldn't mind if I got LOCK JAW) that is THE shot---here in this lovely state---we are required to get a Tetanus shot every 10 years----I am just crackin up that there were so many people who asked me 'what in the HELL are you talkin about girl?'----Many said DPT???? That is for the youngins----nope----I am in full reciept of it and still have the extremely sore and tired arm to boot----I am moving to a new state before my next 10 years----of this I know!

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