Monday, December 29, 2008

WSOAPP Market Square Offerin's for Jan. 7th

I can't even believe it---January 2009---holy CRAP where did that year go---I swear the older I get---the faster....the slower I get-----geeeez!

Here are two of my Sweet Treat for my Beloved Boxes----and as I promised, the female version of my Ice Skate Lamp---which the pictures aren't doing either very good justice--their little faces aren't showing up very good---and they are very sparkleeeee with glitter on their red hoods and silver sparkles on their faces for their eyebrows and cheeks---way CUTE!-- Look for these on WSOAPP Market Square January 7th---

Soon to be Arriving

This is another Ebay attraction----it is my new line called Love Struck just a bit of winter mixed in with a Valentines theme---no matter what---I am excited to present her to you---

Catch Me if ya CAN!

Where do I begin-----first off----Thank YOU---in a BIG WAY---to all of my lovelies that have been keeping tabs on me----and my communications slackerness----wellllll---I guess that would be putting it mildly----I had basically fell off the face of the 'electronic' world----I am back now as you can see and I am anxious---so very anxious---to catch up with all of you----it's gonna happen too -----betcha your saying G-R-E-A-T right now----careful what cha wish forrrrr! LOL I am looking forward to a turning of the PAGE as it were and heading my silly self right into 2009---I miss you all so very much as I was drowning in the sights and sounds of keeping the holidays SIMPLE for me and my family and it worked its magic on me-----I am doing fine and I have a new found sense of where I am AT in this world-----I cannot tell you how appreciative I am of the love bugs who kept me going regularly with your sweet notes---Doreen, Peanut, Brenda, Super Mo, Stace, Karen Susie, Carla and the many others from my two groups and beyond who have sent well wishes to me and my family----you guys make me smile----and it makes me strong----I love you guys!

ON THE FLIP SIDE: My Vike-Queens won yesterday by the skin of their noses---lucky for them or I'd be making a road trip to Winter Park to help them ALL clear their CRAP out of their lockers-----and it wouldn't have been pretty----a big sigh of relief could be heard across the Metro because of THAT---man oh MAN---teehee---cracked a molar yesterday in the excitement so I will be sending them a dental bill for that----nothing like taking one for the TEAM I dare say! Mr. Berrian---you da MAN--- and Mr. Adrian Pederson---we gots to get you to hang onto that ball better bud---Travarias---you ROCK---and Mr. Jared Allen we could of seen you get a bit more into the game---git the quarterback git the quarterback and earn your KEEP slacker!

Oh and coach----you may want to start wearing a cap---YIKES!

BTW---I am working this week---lots to do---so look for me in Humble Arts and Ebay---

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Christmas Swap Received!

My dear friend Rafael of My Tiny Studio sent me this ADORABLE Gourde Fairy Ornie---she is absolutely divine with her little beads that were hand sewn through the gourde and her silk hair and handmade little cutie patootie purse---she will be a treasure of mine forever----her face is detailed and adoring---thank you so much Rafael I love her---AND as if that weren't enough---he sent along those peppermint peep stars that are so dang yummy---here's the darn dealio---the recipe is this: Hot chocolate----Peppermint schnaaps---peppermint peep to top it off----and voila---christmas in a cup! Yes sireeeeee!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

WSOAPP Market Square Offerin for Dec. 7th

Yea Oh Yea OH YEAAAAA-----It is Market Square time and here are just a couple of mee offerins----I am winding down the year with some small primitive items---that is where it all began and really is one of my most favorite things-----I hope you take the opportunity to check out all of the listings from these guys---tell ya what---you will NOT be disappointed----I took a stroll down the avenue last night----and I thought to myself----GORGEOUS---simply GORGEOUS!!!!!!

Oh Gosh

It's been a while since I have been on here---and no excuse----it has been a whirl wind here.  I am in the process of trying to figure o...