Monday, July 28, 2008

My Newest Creation~~~ADDY & ALBERT

My latest listing on the Bay---Addy and Albert the Crow----she went on last night----I have to admit that I have been a bit of a slacker as of late with my stuff---I feel I am like a male Black Lab in the Spring---too many great 'summer' smells in the air for meeeeeee-----OMG---I am so very easily distracted---usually it goes away after a time---nope---it's that damn bike out in the garage---that's what it is!!!! LOL La-la-la-la-la-----money??? who needs THAT?---FOOD?---well duh---but but but---

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Halloween Parade~~~ Be there or be square!!!!

Yep~~~~Here be mee offerin for the Halloween Parade on WSOAPP~~~~It is a One of a Kind Trio of Witches and it is listed on Ebay from this Sunday evening (July 20) until next Sunday evening----I wish I was a better photographer----I may add pictures later---she is truly a wonderful piece that deserves better pics-----however, I am giddy to present her royal 3-some to you!! ABSOLUTELY!!! Oh---and now that it has listed---I am pretty sure that people think I have lost my MIND!!!---short trip---I know---there is always a good explanation for the crazy things I do----and when I think of one---I'll get back to ya's----LOL!

Friday, July 18, 2008

July 20th Ebay Halloween Parade on WSOAPP!!!!

I am not at liberty to divuldge EXACTLY what I got cookin' in a cauldron---but I am giddy with anticipation to get it on a float for the BIG Extravaganza at WSOAPP-----I get to throw candy for the parade as well----I have mee lawn chair already strategically placed in the back of my big girl pick up truck and I am pretty sure there is a cooler in there too!---I can HARDLY wait!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

HO ~ HO ~ HO ~ Ya gotta be kiddin MEEEEE!

Cornelius J. Claus and Kringle the Cow are making their debut on Ebay at 8:30 CDT-----It is Christmas in July on PFACC and dis be me offerin'-----

Monday, July 14, 2008

5--yep 5 New Dolls Got Listed Tonite!

YEA!!! Moving right along---5 new dolls got listed tonite---4 in Lemon Poppy Seeds and the other will go in Ebay---here is a bit of a preview-----
Kind of a crappy picture now that I see it up close and personal---sorry about that----oh pooh!
I never will ever be a great photgrapher---not even mediochre---dang it----best keep mee day job!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

BOO! YIKES---Now, He's Kinda Scarey!!!

Just gettin' him done for tonites listing on Ebay---I have a been working at quite a pace to bring to life my next batch of dolls---they are gonna be all listed this week in various places (and times) like on LPS, CFP, Etsy, and Ebay-----I am looking forward to getting them on---well---gots to finish them first---THEN I git to put them on--there's always some sort of flow chart I have to follow daily----blah blah blah-----we are also having a Halloween Parade Launch on WSOAPP on the 20th of July so do mark your calendars and it is Christmas in July on PFACC right now----I am putting some crazy funky stuff together---must be stressed or something cuz the sillies are coming OUT in my work!!! Thumbs up on that one---finally!!!-----We also have some pretty exciting things gonna be happenin in my world with my craft---can hardly wait to have that one come to light----oh---and I also did some super grungy primitives for my prim prim people----a black dang santa that is kooky----and some more BOXES---yep---I said BOXES----so same bat time---same bat channel---wham-oooo---cazzowwwie----'MEMBER that?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Just Plain NAUGHTY!!!!!

So where oh where has Renee been????? Perhaps she got her 'Broom' tuned up and polished her best pointy toed boots and went on a big ole ride-----no---too GLAMOROUS----or maybe she won the Lottery and is out spending the dough---NOPE----no horseshoe in this hind-end-----hmmmmmm----well I'll tell ya----perhaps there are people in her life that fall down and get hurt and have to go into the hospital to get patched up and now are on the mend-----perhaps that is where she is been----and all this time I was wondering in my head----as I was sailing along famously----nary a care----well this is great----I haven't had a DEBACLE----OR CUNNUNDRUM in like 5 days----I looked into the sky---no Chicken Little---that ain't falling-----then WHAM----Mom falls---breaks her hip----goes to one Hospital---transfers to another hospital via ambulance and has emergency surgery that late evening last Thursday----the night that the WORLD stood still--DEEP BREATHS-----and I may need to tell you that it is a good thing that I have a sense of humor about the whole darn deal-----because BLESS MY LITTLE SISTERS' HEART---I left her to pick up the pieces when my Mom got home from the hospital----she lives in town there where my Folks live-----OH---- I left her my Meds at least!!!!! MAN OH MAN! AND----not to worry---Ma is doing fine---Dad on the other hand---is forced to take care of HER now---them men---they are so damn FUNNY!

Anywhooo-----I am working on several different lines right now-----just to keep y'all posted-----my head is spinning so that is a good thing---stress coax's out the crazy ART from my tiny brain----and the Merry-Go-Round is going faster and faster---does anyone hear that Carnival Music right now???? Toss me a string of them bright Red Helium Balloons---- GEESH!

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