Thursday, February 26, 2009

Felted Wool Spring Easter Egg!!!! Ah-HA!

Well---it seems I am stuck in wool---wool wool wool---ewe would be too if you lived in a winter mix of cold, snow and frozen bodies of water----I don't look for that situation---with the weather to change for me until like JUNE!---LOL---

Anywhooooo--Here is an Easter or Spring Egg that I made and that will be listed on Ebay in the coming days----it is big---not jet liner big---but big

Oh gosh you guys----I have to tell ya---a couple of things---first I will be having the BEST time EVER with my new wool that I just ordered up from one of theeeeee nicest wool gals EVER----my new friend Lois of Old Scotties---she has the PRETTIEST selection of wool---- as you can see by the picture of what I ordered---you really need to check her out---the colors---M-M-M-M-M--are spectacular and the customer service is wonderful----if you are in the market for wool---her prices are very reasonable and she ships quick as a WINK----Here is her link to her site----please check her out! Old Scotties Primitives

Then I was gonna tell ya that I have a couple of posts coming up---one is gonna be a tutorial on some jars that I am working on---that are way way cool----and my HARTS for March and my WSOAPP for March as well---keep an eye out!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

HARTS Offerins for March!

Come one come all--it is getting to be that time once again---here are my offerins for the Humble Arts---I am so pleased to present them to you! The Bunny Bucket is chuck full of Spring Goodies--the Pin Keeps are felted wool---and the Prim Bunny is me getting back to mee roots---where it all began---please be sure to check out all of the wonderful listings that this group has to offer---I promise you won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Great New Website!

My dear friend Doreen from Vermont Harvest Folk Art has a new website---you just gotta check it out!!! She is so very talented and her art is Spectacular!! She has a flare for the days gone by and captures it excuisitely in every piece she creates---I am always amazed at what she comes up with---stop by and check it out!

Doreen of Vermont Harvest Folk Art

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Yup---lots of sick people out there----I thought I would be able to DODGE some of them---but that did not happen and the inevitable ocurred. My apologies for being absent from my blog for a time---holy garbonzo beans was I ever sick----it appears out of no where---even though you and I BOTH know that you feel like you're gonna GET IT---and then you play this denial game for a couple of days---til it gets ya---right around the NECK and more so in the chest area---of course---take a bunch of different cold remedies---and anytime someone says to you---try this---oh this helped me---of course you do---and then that is where the trouble starts----worse than before---you see---I had a bit of trouble with drug interaction---you think it only happens to old people---nope---here to tell ya that I was messed up---with a capital 'M'---I am back now and feeling pretty darn sasssssssy today----paid my dues to the sickness Gods that be---and so I am hoping that I have a year or so before I get struck again---dang it! Thank you to my peeps that checked in on me---yikes---

Saturday, February 7, 2009

You Be the JUDGE!!!!

I often think men have NO CLUE when it comes to the balancing act that women do on a continuous basis----you all know what I am talking about---and this is in no way a 'bash' of Men---because I do have a few in my life--and honestly, love them like I do---they are still clueless-----However the facts are plainly starring me in the face DAILY---me---I roll with the day---something may mess with my plans---I go around it or I get my gear on and TACKLE it--head on---and sometimes without padding---yes---it's true----now yesterday I figured out that my tiny brain can only process so much information at a time--and when there is too much on my mind---disaster is looming-----yes--also true---so YESTERDAY I get UP and I am ready to face the day----I do what most people do in the mornings---scratch my head---pull up my jammy bottoms and somber down the seemingly LONG hallway to the coffee maker---I pour a cup---add my yummy creamer and somber back down the hallway---THEN I go in to the bathroom---that's where we keep our toothbrushes--weird heh?---true----and in the drawer--there are usually two tubes that are eerily similar on the OUTSIDE---but not so much on the INSIDE---one is Sensodyne toothpaste and the other is Monistat---say no more-----now the Sensodyne happened to take a walk downstairs because the basement dweller had ran out of her own toothpaste---leaving the other tube WIDE open for usage of the wrong 'area'----I am glad to report---that 1. I will no longer have to worry about ever getting a yeast infection in my mouth and My friend Karen said ---lovingly through her laughter--itchy teeth 2. If that were to have happened to my husband----well----back to the main theme here---he would have been clueless and he would have said---and I quote----'I really don't like that new toothpaste---please don't get that anymore---I like the minty kind----oh ABSOLUTELY he would-----ABSOLUTELY CLUELESS! Soooo did you notice how I diverted you to think this was about MEN??? Ya---who really is the Clueless one here---I mean REALLY!

Friday, February 6, 2009

It's WSOAPP Launch Time!!!!

It's WSOAPP Time and the two tall Angels and the Angel Box are my offerings for February---the red one is a 'Keeper of Hearts' Angel and the bunny one is a 'Keeper of Eggs' Angel---and the Angel Box with the Pink Lid--the dollie with the red polka dot dress comes with her little green box is going to Ebay on Sunday----I was crazy OBSESSED with paper mache--as you probably already can see---I am not very happy with my pictures---for some reason I was having issues today with the sun ducking in and out of the clouds---I like natural light and so I take all of my pictures outdoors---which at times can be very challenging in Minnesota in the Winter--apparently I wasn't up to the challenge today---oh well!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's a LAMP---outta an OLD Clarinet---

There are these days that I make these types of things that I just shake my head and say---violaaaaa---or more like ta-daaaaaaa----sometimes they just turn out awesome---and sometimes I say---dang and scrap the whole darn deal---I am happy to say ta-daaaaaaa!!!!

Here's my lamp---made from an early 1900's Elkhart of Indiana Silver Plated Cavalier Clarinet---the silver is tarnished and gives the piece a real antique feel---the lamp shade was made from old sheet music that I decoupaged onto the shade and added some trimmins' to---it really is quite stunning! I hope you agree---it is listed on Ebay now---

Oh Gosh

It's been a while since I have been on here---and no excuse----it has been a whirl wind here.  I am in the process of trying to figure o...