Monday, April 11, 2011

Cement Eggs--Very Tres Chic

Well I did it---I went and made some cement eggs for the Shop (Round Barn Potting Company) here in town----and honestly---I thought I was in Heaven! With the help from my sweet husband---we put together these large eggs and some small ones too----it was a true test of our relationship during this process as both of us had our own SEPERATE ideas of how this was all gonna work---me, of course, on the crafty fly by the seat of my pants side---and him, Mr. Cement worker, smooth cool and very calculated----I went to the $ store and got the plastic eggs, filled them up with a special mixture and viola---the hardest part was waiting for them to dry thoroughly before taking them out of the molds----patience TRULY is a virtue on this project my little chicadees! These guys weigh around 7 lbs. and are smoothed slightly flat on the bottom for easy sittin' ---as you can see by one of the pictures it is inside of a regular size door wreath to give you an idea of its size.  'Feather Your Nest' is a reflection of Hope~Peace~Faith and the thoughts of feathering your nest with all of those attributes.

We are getting ready for a HUGE Junk Market Show at the shop this coming weekend---I am all a flutter about it as I have made some really fun and simple lower priced French Inspired Goodies for the show---Lori has done a fabulous job setting up the new vinettes and it really does have a Euro feel to it and is absolutely a treasure trove of fabulous items---pop in there and see some of the new photos---she is always updating so it is really fun to check in there and see whats shakin bacon----ENJOY!


Snugglebug Blessings said...

I just love these oh so chic eggys! They are just fabulous. Please tell me where your show is it would be so fun, if it is close to W. Va. God bless. Cathy

BirchBerry Farms said...

Well Hey there Miss Cathy!!! Thanks my dear! My show is actually at the shop here in town--well Andover, MN---by my town---it is a lovely very old and actually ROUND Barn---it is the coolest place to see---as there is alot of history in that old building!

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