Thursday, February 26, 2009

Felted Wool Spring Easter Egg!!!! Ah-HA!

Well---it seems I am stuck in wool---wool wool wool---ewe would be too if you lived in a winter mix of cold, snow and frozen bodies of water----I don't look for that situation---with the weather to change for me until like JUNE!---LOL---

Anywhooooo--Here is an Easter or Spring Egg that I made and that will be listed on Ebay in the coming days----it is big---not jet liner big---but big


UPON A HILL said...

Beautiful egg! I have never needle felted before. Your looks really good. Here's hoping that the spring weather finds you fast!

Deb's Country Crafts said...

Oh, that's SO cute Renee! Cheerful spring colors. Yucky weather we're having huh, I with you about not looking for nice weather till June. Seems like winter is never ending. Hope you're staying healthy. Luv ya, hugs!

Snugglebug Prim Blessins said...

Renee that is just darling...I love it. Very sweet and great colors. It has that polka dot effect that I love so much. Have a wonderful, creative day!



Sue said...

Did you ask for this crappy snow???? My son John totaled his suv out...I told him not to go out in that crap....Just goers to show you should always listen to your mother....Loves all your goodies and thanks for the heads up about the wool lady....gona get me self some of her goodies.....Spring is coming..I just knows it tis....

Raggedykinfolk said...

Very Cute Renee, the colors, the dots, the bow, all my favorites! I love your creations.

Doreen said...

What a lovely egg you have there..and wool is a good thing..i LOVE it! That blue is beautiful...reminds me of something...forgetmenots maybe..i'm not sure..but it's a beautiful color!

Love ya!