Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Yup---lots of sick people out there----I thought I would be able to DODGE some of them---but that did not happen and the inevitable ocurred. My apologies for being absent from my blog for a time---holy garbonzo beans was I ever sick----it appears out of no where---even though you and I BOTH know that you feel like you're gonna GET IT---and then you play this denial game for a couple of days---til it gets ya---right around the NECK and more so in the chest area---of course---take a bunch of different cold remedies---and anytime someone says to you---try this---oh this helped me---of course you do---and then that is where the trouble starts----worse than before---you see---I had a bit of trouble with drug interaction---you think it only happens to old people---nope---here to tell ya that I was messed up---with a capital 'M'---I am back now and feeling pretty darn sasssssssy today----paid my dues to the sickness Gods that be---and so I am hoping that I have a year or so before I get struck again---dang it! Thank you to my peeps that checked in on me---yikes---


Deb's Country Crafts said...

Sorry to hear you were under the weather dear friend, but GLAD you are feeling good today. Don't overdue it or you will get sick right away again, take it SLOW! I know just what you mean about everyone having a different idea of what to do. My trick is to gargle with salt water, advil and get rid of old toothbrushes so you don't get it back again. You probably didn't need that now did ya, lol! Love you, stay healthy, hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hi cutie...See, that darn monkey finally took his toll on you.. LOL!!! I am sorry you are sick my friend... meeee tooo... it has only been about 4 weeks now.. So, there is hope for you!!! LOL
Hugs, Mo

Snugglebug Prim Blessins said...

Hi Renee, So you got bit by the flu bug. That's a very nasty little bug and he bit my daughter too! She is now recovering and back to school but still quite tired at the end of the day. I so hope you are better and Deb is right, we need to throw away those infected tooth brushes. Nasty thought, but true. You take care girl glad to hear the sassy is back in ya!


Pam said...

Glad you are feeling better Renee. I've got it now. Yuck..Coughing and hacking. Hope it don't last to long.

Have a good one.

hugs Pam

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