Monday, January 28, 2008

Helllloooooo and Welcom to my BLOG!

Okay---so I am kinda new at this Blog stuff---but I am willing to try anything even if it may render me brain dead----it could happen here today--day one of my brand new Blog---

Hello---my name is Renee and I am a Primitive Folk Art Artist from Minnesota and a very Proud Member of WSOAPP and PFACC. This is a 'fantabulous' group of talent and treasured friendships all wrapped together in a Prim Bow. Be sure to check them guys out---I am just gonna write a brief story about me---ya know those Christmas letters WE ALL GET THEM---well, sometimes I do not read the whole thing---there is a reaon---and we all know what that reason is---love my freinds and family dearly---yes I do!
I was born and raised way up North on the Iron Range and most of my family still lives thereWe live in the Big City now and I still get white knuckles driving around in these parts----I miss the SLOW paceof back home, where going 35mph is really FAST. Ya know, there's something to be said about that! I have so many things to be thankful for. I have 4 kidlets and a wonderful hubby. They are my LIFE--The boys have all grown up (no that's not true) and moved on (that part's true) andwe just have our daughter at home---she's a Junior in High School. And of course we can't forget Max--our faithful,dingy German Shepard----pretty boy---not so very bright---love him to pieces though! I have been doing my craft for 20 some odd years now---I really got 'into it' as extra income when the kids were growing up. Seemed like there was ALWAYS something we needed to pay for that was not in our we sewed and we made soap and we cut wood and made cabinets and benches---GOSH did the kids LOVE helping their Mom paint and sand and stain--in fact, they would give up being with their friends just to help their poor old Ma---NOPE that's not true either---it was like pulling teeth or plucking a cats eyebrows to get them to help ( I do not own a cat nor would I ever attempt to pluck it's eyebrows--I can only imagine the havoc that would cause!)---they laugh about it now---but I remember our neighbors must have thought we were all NUTS----well, and we are, but that is beside the point---it was like a little sweat shop out in the garage in the summer--seemed to be the place that everyone who wondered by would stop and visit----ahhh the days!
My passion for Primitive and Folk Art has been with me since I was a child---my sisters (to which I have 3 and NO brothers---YIKES!) and I would make each other gifts for Christmas' and Birthdays and still do that to this day---they are all very talented---and we are very close. I got my first sewing machine at 9 years old--a little singer that I still own as a treasure---well along with my Crissy doll (the one where her hair would magically come out of her head, she sure was cool---I wish my hair could magically come out of my head like that!)---I would make her clothes and sew things together---still do NOT know how my sisters underpants got sewn together---Ma was kinda peaved about that----never did get to own my own seam ripper---wonder what that was all about?--I dummied up! I find alot of humor in just about everything around me-----and things really ARE very funny---I love to go to public places and watch how silly people are (when I have time)---oh--and of course check out their accesories---WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!! (is what I was thinking heeheehee). It is truly a good life and I try daily not to mess it up----I love to 'hug' and I am known around these parts for that---my nieces and nephews RUN when they see me---some of them just suck it up and get it over with----I yap at just about anyone who will listen and have had wonderfully deep conversations with the grocery store check out people----they as well RUN when they see me---don't know why---but they do---HMMM! That's just not very nice! I love to play fun little pratical jokes on people and love when that favor is returned to me---I grew up in a house where that was really common and to this day still 'mess' with my Folks---I got to kinda watch what I do now cuz Dad just had major heart surgery---DANG IT! So that is that in the life of Riley! Sincerely Yours, Renee

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