Friday, August 1, 2008

Best Dang Sweet Annie EVER!!!!! No Kiddin'!!!

If you are looking for the freshest most fragrant most olive colored sweet annie---well look no more----Lex from Northwind Star Primitives has it---and it is the yummiest Sweet Annie I have ever had----fresh and supple----the smell is unbeliveable---I got some last week from her and man oh man---well worth the money----by FAR! You can go to her blog via the list on right side of my screen and then to her Ebay stuff-----Really a great Gal too---tell 'er I sent cha---


Anonymous said...

What he heck girlfriend??? Why have I never been here!! Well, that is CRAZY!!! Hey cutie.. It's Mo! I am gonna add your link to my blog... have you been hiding or have I been??? LOL!!! Hugs, MO

Doreen said...

Hey there woman!!!! How are you doing over there at your mama's...I'll sign up for a shift or two if you need me to :)

I will check out this sweet annie..i planted some in my garden and it's coming along wonderfully..but it's not a huge amount just yet!

Big hugs,

BirchBerry Farms said...

Wow--hey Super Mo and D so glad you guys stopped by----

Super Mo---I am adding you to mee blog as soon as I get back home---which I am hoping is gonna be on Sunday--

D---gotcha signes up----OMGosh---I don't know what I would do without the comic relief from our group---you guys have truly kept me smilin' through this whole mess!

Country*Road*Primitives said...

Thanks for the tip Renee! I had some in my watch and will get some when the old PP account gets some moolah in it ROFL!! wooohoo!! High finance!! :) xox

Doreen said...

We love ya..that's why we do it:)'s it going and how is mom feeling? Let me know when I'm due for a shift.


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