Sunday, October 5, 2008

Did I DIE and Go to HEAVEN or WHAT!

There are some of you who are gonna think I am totally off my rocker---BUT I have to tell you that I have a thing for pickles---who doesn't I mean really?--My friend
Theresa/Primrulle was telling how she was busy canning pickles---how wonderful is that I thought---so I wrote her and told her what fond rememberances I had of when my Ma used to can them as well----you could smell that brine 4 blocks from the house---I used to get off of the bus and RUN all the way home just know that there were pickles a brewin'----well anywhoooo, I received a jar of these from her yesterday---I am pretty sure there was no writing on the note that I had to share them either---OMGosh you guys---it is like winning the lottery and these are wonderfully YUMMY---I cracked that jar open immediately!!!---THANK YOU dear Theresa---you are so very kind!


Sue said...

OMG,,,How right you are about those pickles....She sent me a jar of them also and they were gone in a week, even though I had told the family they were for ME only...Theresa was also kind enough to share her receipe with me...It is really so simple and easy to make, but I must say mine were not as good as hers....You are going to be in hog heaven Renee..

BirchBerry Farms said...

Hey Susie---I KNOW---they have a remarkable taste to them----I LOVE the flavor---she is too kind---I am making you Peach Dump Cake right now----I am soooo gonna be liking that---the smell coming from the oven is ridiculously FULL of calories---just the smell! I will let you know how that comes out!

Theresa said...

You are very welcome Renee! I love them and always glad to share. I bet yours were awesome Sue, you are just being kind. Love your blog and of course all your creations, such a talented lady.


Doreen said...

Oh..she's so sweet!!! My Mom and Gram us to make those pickles.

How was the cake...did you save me some???


BirchBerry Farms said...

Yep D---I SURE did---it was fantastic and I will tell the world that that recipe of Susies is tooooo easy to be soooo good---it was yummy---and then with ice cream to boot---spoiled me rotten!

Country*Road*Primitives said...

ROFL!! Yes, Theresa's pickles are the BEST! xox

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