Monday, November 3, 2008

Don't Give Up On Me Yet----LOL

For my customers that are looking for my dollies--DON'T GIVE UP ON MEEEEEE------I am in FULL swing and will be listing several this week-----I am in the process of getting ready for two rather large shows and they are back to back----which is always a good thing for me---I seem to do better under stress--sure looks good on paper--my hair falls out and the ones that are sticking around turn a lovely shade of gray---people driving badly puts me right over the top and cashiers at the stores who are visiting with people instead of checking them out make my eyes do this rolling thing and my lips get real pursed---that can not be good for wrinkles----no good at all----

Funny story----I did color my hair the other day----yes and it is wonderful not seeing those little wires popping up all over the top of my bean---anywhoooooo---RIGHT after I did it---obviously I rinsed it and dried it and then decided to go up to the gym----HUGE idea----apparently I did not rinse it good enough because whilest I was on the Elyptical--Eucalyptus I call it---machine---I sweated the color right down my face---people were walking by me and starring and in my head---- I am thinkin'---WHAT? WHAT IN THE HECK IS YOUR DEALIO???? I had this 'look' about me too----of that I am sure----quite animated at times if I do say so----it was GREAT----I smartly walked my sweet self into the locker room---with ATTITUDE and looked in the mirror---for the LOVE of GOD----I am such a DORK!

Here is one of the cabinets that I just got done---my sister Mootsie bought the windows for me for my birthday---I got 6 of them---way way kewl!


Doreen said...

This is soooo something that would happen to me!!!!!

LOVE the shelf!!!!!! I WANT IT!


Country*Road*Primitives said...

The cabinet is great!! Your blog looks pretty and ready for winter. I changed my storefront and my blog today as well... Took me much of the day, but it is done for the winter, or until I get tired of it again :) Happy Belated Birthday! I just had a birthday as well... Wishing you many more Renee! xox

tattered 'n torn prims said...

**see me laughing hysterically** oh you poor thing.....if I had been there I would never have that's not true....I woulda.....but at least you woulda known you had colored you face hairs!!! LOL!! I would have been laughing in love tho'!!!!!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that wall cabinet!!! Great success on your shows!!


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Oh man, it could have been worse... You could have had toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your sneaker too! :> )
I LOVE that cabinet!!!!

BirchBerry Farms said...

Thanks You's guys----I am still not sure if I am ready to venture back to the gy---pretty sure I am going to have to change my times that go---just cuz---crime-a-neees!

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