Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm So Excited!!!!!

Hello My Dear Blogger Friends~~~ I am so excited I can hardly stand it---I have been driving myself nuts as of late--short trip I know---but I am working on a new line of bath and beauty---I have just wrapped up this week with my 16th batch of soap in 10lb logs that need to be cut~~ I am working towards making a new emergence in the natural soap world by cutting the bars to reflect a better size and feel, more homeopathic essential oil based soaps, natural colorings, new packaging and soap set offerings---a better wholesale line and and and----I am making LOTION now too---who knew it was gonna be so darn FUN----I made my own Sweet Annie Oil and have made lotion using that oil---OMG--if you like the smell of Sweet Annie--which has alot of great attributes you will LOVE this lotion! I have gathered all of my implements to put allllll of this together and with any luck (if my family just lets me FLY without any debacles til MONDAY) I will have this up and running---fingers crossed and duct tape ready to use on anyone in this house that messes with this grand plan! Can you feel the determination or WHAT! I can't sore with the Eagles if I am flyin' with the Turkey's---a metaphor for the day!
PS. The picture is one that Ali took last year at our cabin---think SPRING!!!!


The Country Nest said...

Everyone will want to know the detail. I love sweet annie. I will await your post on soap and lotions.
Good Luck!

Ryan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BirchBerry Farms said...

I had to delete the previous post as my Ryan boy was signed in and it came up as him---GOO LORD!

Anywhoooo----Will-do Donna I am so extatic about the whole darn dealio!!! Thanks for stoppin by!

Sue said...

Hi My Dear Friend...Will be buying for sure...The soap was such a great hit at Christmas...Renee I don't think this snow will ever go away...It is snowing here right now!!!THINK SUMMER******

Anonymous said...

Yums Yums doll face!!! I need to order from you my love. I love to give a little something "special" to my special customers. Let me know the best way to go about it!!! (Etsy? ETC) Big hugs and Miss ya much!!! Me

UPON A HILL said...

Very very Happy for you!My best to you on this new adventure!


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