Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Just Plain NAUGHTY!!!!!

So where oh where has Renee been????? Perhaps she got her 'Broom' tuned up and polished her best pointy toed boots and went on a big ole ride-----no---too GLAMOROUS----or maybe she won the Lottery and is out spending the dough---NOPE----no horseshoe in this hind-end-----hmmmmmm----well I'll tell ya----perhaps there are people in her life that fall down and get hurt and have to go into the hospital to get patched up and now are on the mend-----perhaps that is where she is been----and all this time I was wondering in my head----as I was sailing along famously----nary a care----well this is great----I haven't had a DEBACLE----OR CUNNUNDRUM in like 5 days----I looked into the sky---no Chicken Little---that ain't falling-----then WHAM----Mom falls---breaks her hip----goes to one Hospital---transfers to another hospital via ambulance and has emergency surgery that late evening last Thursday----the night that the WORLD stood still--DEEP BREATHS-----and I may need to tell you that it is a good thing that I have a sense of humor about the whole darn deal-----because BLESS MY LITTLE SISTERS' HEART---I left her to pick up the pieces when my Mom got home from the hospital----she lives in town there where my Folks live-----OH---- I left her my Meds at least!!!!! MAN OH MAN! AND----not to worry---Ma is doing fine---Dad on the other hand---is forced to take care of HER now---them men---they are so damn FUNNY!

Anywhooo-----I am working on several different lines right now-----just to keep y'all posted-----my head is spinning so that is a good thing---stress coax's out the crazy ART from my tiny brain----and the Merry-Go-Round is going faster and faster---does anyone hear that Carnival Music right now???? Toss me a string of them bright Red Helium Balloons---- GEESH!


tattered 'n torn prims said...

Oh goodness....I so glad she is on the mend. What a wonderful week for you all huh?!??! Hope life slows soon for you girlfriend!! Take slow deep breaths..... slow.... deeep.... brreeeeeeaths!!
Now.....go get busy already!! LOL!!

Take care!!

Country*Road*Primitives said...

Wishing your Mom a speedy recovery Renee!! Can't wait to see what your head is spinning out :0) xox

BirchBerry Farms said...

Thanks Girlies-----Mom is doing better---having some issues with the crutches on carpeting, but for the most part good---Dad has stepped up to the plate---thank the LORD----He is such a riot----I think it has given him some sort of purpose and it is very nice to see....I am hoping to get up there soon----been trying to break away for a couple of days or so!

~ said...

Hey...why didn't you tell us this when it happened????? Glad to hear she's doing better...and that dad has stepped in to take charge!!!!

I'm thinking about your Open House suggesting..I may just do that...although when is beyond me!!!!! Will you bring a dish for it??? Thanks for the swell compliments on my blog and site....I do think it's coming along pretty good :)

Have a great day sweetie....HUGS,

BirchBerry Farms said...

ABSOLUTELY Doreen dear----I am thinking Buffalo Chicken Dip----that is about as yummy as yummy can beeeeeee! UMMMMMM and maybe the fixins for some grown up slushies or something like that there----you just let me know----should could use a grown up slushie right now---she's a warm bugger outside!!! PS. Apparently, I missed the day that there was beer in the chat room---where the heck was I? HMMPH!

Cookie said...

Glad to hear your mom is mending - and your dad is realizing there are things he really can do to assist :)

I'm sure you have worried like a mad woman though!
Bless your heart ♥

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