Friday, July 18, 2008

July 20th Ebay Halloween Parade on WSOAPP!!!!

I am not at liberty to divuldge EXACTLY what I got cookin' in a cauldron---but I am giddy with anticipation to get it on a float for the BIG Extravaganza at WSOAPP-----I get to throw candy for the parade as well----I have mee lawn chair already strategically placed in the back of my big girl pick up truck and I am pretty sure there is a cooler in there too!---I can HARDLY wait!!!


Maggie said...

Hi Renee..... I have missed you too girlie!!!! Send me an email if you have my addy. If not just go to my site and get it from there.

How have you been? Hope all is well!!

Take care!!
Maggie =)
Cedar Hill Rustics

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey there Renee,
do you happent to have anymore of that tinsel? I would love some black, orange, purple, and silver (tarnished) if possible..
Thank you,
Gina :)

Anonymous said...


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