Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fresh Out of the Shoot---New on Ebay!!

Moving right along---here are some of my new listings on EBay----I had a HUGE show last weekend north of us in Little Falls---to which I lost alot of my hair due to stress---and I have no finger nails left---YIKES---glad it is over--I know that sounds terrible (Mr. followed me on the bike and it rained almost all the way up there---who knew that watching the weather channel BEFORE we left was gonna be a great idea---dummy butts)---anyways---it went well--we did about the same amount as last year---which I was happy with---there are people that still enjoy shopping for things--which I was also happy about---I wish I was one of them---yup---LOL---with the exception of the rain on Friday---the weekend was perfect weather---dropped a very large board on my toe and wouldn't ya know it HAD to be the side with the NAIL sticking out of it---said a naughty word in front of a customer---which made her laugh and me cry----weekend in 30 seconds or less---voila!


Doreen said...

Hello sweets!!!! Gosh I miss you!!! Love your new ebay things..especially that pillow...wow!!!

Sounds like an eventful weekend..so sorry about the rain and the toe accident..OUCH! Glad you did well with sales though..that is great!

Love ya,

Deb's Country Crafts said...

VERY cute as usual Renee! Hope they sell fast for you. It was GREAT seeing you guys at LF's. It does take a while to recover from that show doesn't it. Take care, big hugs!

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