Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I have Listed My Soap for Fall & Winter!!! SALE!!!!

Howdy--- I have listed my Fall and Winter Soaps---the scents are wonderful and there are a bunch of new ones---be sure to check them out---on Etsy---link is on the right (I am kind of being lazy tonite)! Oh and for all of my wonderful customers that stop by and check my updates on here---I am offering a sale on my soaps that will run until the end of October----buy 5 bars for $25.00-----here's how ya do it----go into etsy and check the scents----email me and tell me which ones you would like---and I will invoice you----don't buy them off of there as I can't change the invoice that it sends you---and it saves me some time!!!! Moochoo Graciousiousious!!!

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Sue said...

Got my soap today...Wonderful, Wonderful items...Such fast shipping also....Everyone should take advantage of this sale...I did and got some very nice Christmas presents...It pays to think ahead...Thanks Renee for this sale and quick shipping...

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