Monday, December 7, 2009

My Girlie Whirls and Christmas Cheer!!

Every year at this time me and my volleyball girls have a get together and exchange gifts and laughs at our husbands expense--this year was no exception to the rule---however we are missing several peeps due to hectic schedules, we had a great time---and on top of it all---we got to watch our beloved Vikings get their who-ha's handed to them by Arizona after the fun and frolic---dammit---good thing I was having more 'Christmas Spirit' or I would have been very upset about their miserable attempt at football---oh well! Here's to hoping you and yours have many great moments together this holiday season---remember--it's not about the gifts and presents---nope---it's always all about the perfect martini---noooo that's not right---it's about spending quality time with those that you love and sharing all the goodness that life has to offer---no matter how bad things really are in the real world around ya! Love you all and Merry Merry Christmas! Oh---that's me in the middle---Joe HATES that shirt--not very festive is why I think--yaaaaa right tee hee!

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