Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Sister Should Have Been a Writer!

Okay---I pipe off at the slightest of conundrums---of this I know--but I have to tell you guys---my sister Mary---she has a God given talent---she should have been a writer---she keeps my sisters and me in STITCHES---she sends us emails that are so very funny--your day just melts away---this particular one was sent today--this after a huge storm hit the southern half of MN Tues and Wed and Northern MN usually gets the brunt of all storms that pass on this a way! So here it is---this poking fun at my sister in New Ulm----and Chicago---and of course me in Minneapolis----Mary lives in Hibbing (northern MN)

Hey Girlie Whirls, Just checking in to see how my more southern relatives are dealing with the blizzard that has struck every other portion of the country except for the Iron Range. Oh ya, me and Jack Frost, we're through. He breezes through the area,doesn't say hello or let anybody know he is in town and then leaves old manwinter here to do his bidding. Well, enough is enough.I am tired of watching little children on the news, blissfully playing,making snow angels in 3 inches of melting muddy snow, home because school has been cancelled because their parents are too stupid to drive on the roadways when flakes fall from the sky. Tired of watching the Weather Channel's Mike Siddell dressed from head tofoot in Carhart's, hiding his face from a treacherous -5 degree poundingwind and expecting worse conditions--"windchill temperatures may dip below-10 degrees, so this is a dangerous storm"---HA.Tired watching the news clips involving difficult travel. So help me God if I see another Toyota, spinning out of control on glare ice, I am going to slap someone. New Rule-if you can't skate, you CAN'T DRIVE. Tired of living in the only place where when the sun comes out, it gets COLDER. So, Jack, me and you are done. I will no longer longingly look out at the northern sky and pray to see you. I will no longer google the national weather service to keep track of where you are, hoping, praying that you will come my way. And I will no longer give my heart to someone who has given my beloved snow to those who do not know how to appreciate it. sigh.I remain resigned, Respectfully, Your Sister Mary


tattered 'n torn prims said...

LOL!!! Does she use her talents as she writing for a non-stop pee-fest comedy skit???? tee hee hee!! Thanks for sharing!!


Sue said...

She sounds just like you...

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Very funny. She is my kind of gal.
I am so glad I found you from Stace at tatter'n torn. Love your site.
I have creative bloggers on my site on Mondays. If you want check it out and then email if you want your beautiful things listed and how you want them listed

Doreen said...

LOL..oh my god Rea..this is hysterical!!!! She does sound just like you...i've gotten many any email that sounds oh so much like her kind of humor!!!

Missing you very, very much too :)I was so happy when I saw your message the other day!

Sending you a very big...very heartfelt hug!!!

Love ya, D

Rooster Inn Primitives said...

Oh my your sister is just too funny. I bet she was so much fun to live with when you were younger.


BirchBerry Farms said...

My sister Mary and I are the epitamy of frick and frack---gasoline and matches--when a thought is started one or the other completes it---swear we were twins! She is truly a riot and if you saw here she is me with blonde hair and bigger boobs---yep---we call her Mootsie!

Thanks Susie for stopping--I have to stop by your blog and check out your new recipes---they are always so delightful--

Thanks Maggie---how nice of you to stop by!!! I will for shizel be checkin that out!

Oh D---I have been keeping track of you from afar---your sites look FABULOUS!!! You are so talented!

Oh Pam---she was a hoot growing up--the thing of it is--she was my conscience--I was a wild child and she was always the one that would say--'I don't think we should be doing this'--either that or she was more afraid of Mom & Dad than I was--I dunno!! LOL

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