Monday, October 4, 2010

Soooo This is what Insanity Looks LIKE!

For about 12 days straight---I have made my Family, my Friends, and MYSELF absolutely nuts---yup---this is what the LAST push of getting Fall stuff done looked like at my house---pieces and parts of this and that all over the place. In the picture you will notice that there are multiples of some things---I only set that up to take the pictures as there wasn't enough room to do all of the items in the pictures. The pumpkins with the curly stems---there are actuually 14 of them and are up at the shop here in town as of this weekend---the witches on pedestals--there were 6 of them---each different---the fat witches--there were 4 of them and the pumpkin heads as well 4 each---and all different---there are 4 of the green headed witches--way too cool----honest to goodness I thought my family was gonna run away from home---probably wouldn't have been a bad idea--LOL. I am going to be listing all day today and tomorrow to get the last of these items out the door---they will be on Etsy and on my WSOAPP site----I also am offering a SUPER deal on my soaps in Etsy----so do check in this week and see what's shakin!!! Later Peeps!!!!

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