Monday, November 29, 2010

It's All About The Merry-ment!!!

It is always all about the Merry-ment....Thanksgiving just whizzed on by---without a single piece of pie left to be had anywhere's in this house, sooooo I am sitting here reflecting on the Holiday with a very lonely cup of java in hand---and here's what I came up with---days of prep work---nooo months it seems---baked and baked and had lists of grocery 'runs' for this and that (all good stuff mind you) and of course we had to go several times the DAY before Thanksgiving just to feel what crazy truly is----and then the DAY--the DAY that we cook a very large Turkey in our oven--we overshoot the baster right over the top of the large bird and spray the back of the oven with drippings that run to the bottom and start a small fire---no biggie---except that everyone is now standing IN the kitchen--and are totally unaware of the impending danger---I would like to say that I usually enjoy vistitors in the kitchen while I am cooking---even though my kitchen is very small, it seems to be the place everyone NEEDS to be--I think it's because all the good stuff is stored there----OR could it be that they just really want to be around me---yup--true---it's gotta be me---as the only time I didn't have someone asking me some silly question that makes me get knocked off task and have to THINK--OR holding out an empty glass like I am supposed to remember what was once in there and replace that liquid with a new batch of WHATEVER---the ONLY time I had no one talking to me ('cept the voices in my head) was when I went to the bathroom---soooooo as I was looking at the bottle of homemade pure vanilla that I steeped using fine brandy and madagascar vanilla beans and thinking--hmmmm--I wonder if anyone would notice me taking shots of that here and there----didn't happen--but thought it---I then did the Hokey Pokey and turned myself around---only after trying the several different wine selections my son brought---let's not even go down the road of menapause and that falling on the happy occassion---AND the fact that our 11 year old German Shepard chose to have a leaky bladder that particular week---yaaaa--let's not even GO THERE!!  One added note---I was very Thankful of all of my Blessings and the day actually was WONDERUL---and that my dear ones is truly what the day is supposed to be!

Here is a picture of some of my new items that I have listed in WSOAPP. org and Birchberry Farms Etsy---and the window picture is an old window from my childhood home that I placed a large glass snowflake and glass icicles on it as well---that is mine here at my house---just wanted to show it off----tres chic! ENJOY!

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Sue said...

Simply awesome (as usual). Glad you had a wonderful day with your folks and family.

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