Sunday, November 14, 2010

Unbelievable!!!!--- 'Believe' Christmas Hanger

There have been times in my life when I have made things and thought they were just the bomb diggity---and sometimes I am right and sometimes of course not so right---this little hanger I designed last year---made them and brought them up to the shop here in town---I thought---hmmmmm--these are cool---Well---either I was ahead of myself or behind in the thinkin for what peeps were wanting in my area---cuz I didn't sell a one----soooooo this year----this year I decided to list them on Etsy---I had the listing up and it sat and it sat---for about 3 weeks----then for some 'trip' of faith I ended up on front page in a treasury---and whamoooo gazowee---I sold all of the ones I had here and I am on my second batch----at first I was totally amazed at how this all worked----almost 3 years have past that I have first started to list on Etsy---and regularly too----it was like my guardian angel was pokin my butt with a stick most of the time to get MOVIN---alright alright!!!! I got it!!!!!  Don't get me wrong---I am diggin the fact that I am selling these like mad----funny part of it is---and my regulars all know this about me---(I think I have ADD) I am having trouble setting down my new creations that I am working on to make these---and correct me if I am wrong---am I not doing this as a form of income??? Yes---why yes I am---It cracks me up----well---back to making cones and wiring them---I have orders to fill and the day is just getting started-----OH and just for the record---I did design a new one for this year---and that will be listed this week on Etsy---it is rather cute if I do say so myself---OH BOY--here we go again!---I will however, be stopping for a time this afternoon to watch my beloved Vikings 'swirl' the tank once again this week---I just can't get enough of the pain and suffering of watching them muttle through this season---now THEY are really making me NUTS!!! Short Trip I know!  PS.  Please feel free to order one of these if you would like---I really do like making them---and don't want you to think otherwise!  Later Sweet Tarts!

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Snugglebug Blessings said...

Wow Renee I love em. They would look fantastic all over a Christmas tree filled to the brim with chocolate!!! You don't think I would put anything else in there did ya?!? LOL! Chocolate is a girl's best friend right?!? But all kidding aside, love em and love the paper works you used. Good luck and congrats for being listed on Etsy's first page. Wow! God bless. Cathy

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