Saturday, February 16, 2008

What a MESS

For any of you who happened to look at my listings yesterday as they were closing---wellll I may need to explain myself---ya see---I never really ever claimed to be brilliant when it comes to the computer and tech stuff---note to self---never delete your pictures from the bucket if they are in your listings---that is just no good---especially when you do it under the 12 hour before listing close deadline---yep---also, no good---it will only make you loose hair and have that sensation in your stomach like you are on a hellish ride at the State Fair that never stops---and the ride operator is missing several teeth and the ones that are in his mouth aren't all going in the same direction---you know the guy I am talking about too! So then I tried like a mad woman to get it figured out---wellllll----didn't work out so good---soooooo, I am beginning to realize today, that this is one of those DUH moments and that it was so obvious that I could just cry---what in the WORLD do you suppose made me do that???? I just dunno! Do you suppose this is another one of those things I could somehow blame my parents for? HMMMM?


Cookie said...

you know Renee, I find great comfort in knowing I'm not the only one that has brain-farts! haha - and of course it's going to happen in the last 12 hours, so you can't make any corrections to the listing!
So dont feel like the lone stranger ... whether we admit it or not, we've all been there, and some of us (*looking sheepishly from side to side*) have done it more than once! lol

btw, I know that carney!!!

thanks for the giggles :)

BirchBerry Farms said...

YEA---misery just loves loves loves company---too funny Cookie---and I am sure beyond a shadow of a doubt it will happen to me again---Absolutely---and this next time---will be a bigger and better debacle than the last---OMG!!!

Why heck---sometimes I believe that I married that Carney!! Did I just say that out loud?---didn't mean it--oh yes I did!---just got back from the grocery store with him in tow---I bet you probably know the REST of that story!! YIKES!

Sara~Graphic Pretties said...

You silly goose :)
Let me know if you ever need help!!

BirchBerry Farms said...

OMGosh Sara---you are always so good to me---I was absolutely nutso over that---I have , however, been medicated LOL and simmered down since then---next time--you'll see the smoke signals!---Ya know--coming out of my EARS!---

Cookie said...

You always seem to make me laugh out loud and I really enjoy our "back and forths"...
so much so that you are in the spotlight for a very special award - pop in my blog sometime soon!

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