Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just Came Outta the OVEN!

OH Here I am---I just got done with the last of my listings on Ebay and thought I would pop in to mee blog and see if I could get my slideshow to work---am kinda happy about that dealio---who knew by a push of a button or two---VIOLA---you have moving pictures--and the pictures are actually of the stuff I made---how cool is that? YEP---I am feeling pretty darn sassy right now---probably need to go and ruffle someones feathers somewhere---or mess up my hair----maybe get a tatoo to reflect upon this particular day----and any of you who know me---well ya know what I am talkin about!---I am feeling smart---extrememly smart---scarey huh--sometimes it is truly the small things in life----it really doesn't take much with this gal---a canister of Poppy Cock with Nuts of course----a Diet Coke with Lime and the current Country Home Magazine would really make this day a complete success! Good Golly!


Cookie said...

Holy Macaroni!!!
You have been one busy girl - I'm drooling over here at all your awesome offerings. Every single one of them are such sweet treats Renee - you have outdone yourself!!

wow, I'm still drooling here - and that photostrip is awesome! I love it :)

BirchBerry Farms said...

Mornin' Cookie----thanks for stoppin by (LOVE that!)---and BEFORE I had a chance to offer you any coffee---you sure are a movin unit on this fine Friday!!!

I was totally gonna get that slideshow in there if it was the death of me---it drove me NUTS (short trip for me ya know)---I finally broke down and had to get a tutorial from Bren and she told me how to do it--and it worked---WOW, that was cool---THEN I love the music and my dear Sara emailed me how to do that---so ya---sittin' pretty sassy right now----and doin' the Smarty Arty dance---Ali just LOVES when I do that ---16 years old---she'll get that whole deal someday! (I'll start hittin' 'the beads' now!)

Sara~Graphic Pretties said...

Renee...everything looks great! Your turning into a real Pro!! :)

BirchBerry Farms said...

AHHHH Sweet Sara---I kinda liked it better when I was novice (a pesty one at that--wink wink)---a mere rookie---AND, might need to tell ya---that it was purely by chance that I got both of them things to work---I messed with it for a while too---and then 'poof' and I said--Oh COOL! Pretty sure it had something to do with a celestial event that possibly might have been taking place at the very same time as I was working on that---True story! PS. Don't think that I'm not gonna bug you from time and again there darlin'! hehehe Oh Ya---I am still giggling over that Frappacino story--OMG!

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