Monday, February 25, 2008

She's Returned Unscaved!!!!

Whewwwweeee----I am back from my Snowmobile trip to the Northland and I am in one piece---which is always a good thing in my book. For the many many years I have been riding a snowmobile---it has never really been a big deal to me---I suppose maybe because I am scared to you know whatless sometimes with the stupidity of it all----Let's review---Grown (quite possibly OLD) people on motorized vehicles that travel at great speeds across snow covered icy terrains in the cold with basically just a helmet protecting them from getting hurt----I am not even going to factor in the monitary part of all of that fun and fulfilment---let's just roll with the first part of this story-----NOW, in all of these years of climbing very large hills (which what goes up MUST come down) and going on long and sometimes horrendous adventures (getting lost in the deep woods and then coming up to a place that we either turn around and go back down the same way we came (NO WAY!!!) OR we just cross this little ole river here that isn't quite frozen over all the way----don't forget to GUN it hard and fast or you will never make it over---so this is where we can factor in the peer pressure---and that little song that keeps popping in mee head from time and again---'anything you can do I can do better'---ya---that song---I happen to be sitting 3rd in line for the impending fate of it all---the bank on the other side was really steep too---so, if my physics serve me well (failed it in High School---but just KNEW this wasn't gonna be good----I think they call that COMMON SENSE!) This was a bad bad bad idea----however, we proceed----Ya know that little law of nature called gravity??? That is another interesting thing that happens with 800 lbs of sled on steep hills---So---we all made it---yes, yes we did---little anti-climatic I know-----However, in saying that, I am pretty sure that the inventor of panty liners was a woman who was married to a man who does things like this particular adventure and that she designed them for so many many other reasons and I was counting them in my head ALL the way back!!!!

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