Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Beginnings of Something VERY VERY Interesting!

Okay---So I cleaned my workroom the other day---AND much to my surprise--ah-hum--there were things in there that I never even remember buying--let alone stashing away----anyways----I came across this clay---Laguna Clay---air dry stuff---and thought I would give it a try----here is what I came up with----and yes---yes Martha---it was fun!

He is Jack Frost and he is sitting in my favorite coffee mug so he's can dry---which I am hoping happens BEFORE the actual season is over with---betcha I should have read the directions FIRST---NAHHHHH! Oh---PS---If you have ever worked with this clay---I sure would appreciate hearing from you to let me know how it goes----I have NO clue---they say, almost clueless ---WHATEVER!!!


Pam said...

He is going to be so cool looking when you get him done. I find things to when i clean. LOL

hugs pam

BirchBerry Farms said...

Oh Thanks Pam----Well--we shall see my dear---I have never used this particular clay before---should be interesting!

Doreen said...

OH MY GOD...I LOVE HIM ALREADY!!! He is going to be fantastic!! Can't wait to see him finished.

How have you been my friend? I'm sorry I've been a bit scarce lately...I'm busy cozying up my home and trying to get my orders filled (that parts slow going)...i need some help..come on over and give me a hand will ya!!!


Doreen said...

by the way girlfriend...your shoppe is fantastic...I LOVE IT!!!! Love the colors and the set up.....way to go!!!


BirchBerry Farms said...

I am on my way D----can I sit in the rocker in the kitchen and have a cup of Joe before we dig into all that??? Toss me some of that creamer would ja?

I am so happy you stopped by---it is always so nice to hear from you---hopefully things will start to come together with my snowman head---he is a new venture for me---glad you like him---he hasn't grown on me quite yet!

PS. Thanks for the kind words about my website---been workin' on it---I think I have way too much stuff on there though---there's always more stuff!

Sue said...

and here I was going to ask you how to do the clay and what about the paper machie...I asked about it at hobby lobby and they looked at me like I was crazy....I can hardley wait to see this finished...The pie looks good and don't you just love how easy and clean that crust is....
Loves Ye Kid

BirchBerry Farms said...

Yep---I do Susie---and it was yummy too---I made it to go over to Joes Parents house for supper---his brother and sil are in town so we had a get together tonite over there----love you too dear friend!
PS. Great recipes over at your blog---OMG!!!! I might have totake a break form coming over there---It makes me drool----YIKES!--Oh and the other pics of your back yard---GORGEOUS---simply GORGEOUS!

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