Friday, September 12, 2008

And you thought I was kiddin'---Well MAYBE!

These are my newest arrivals that will be getting listed on Ebay on Sunday at 6:30PDT---These Jack in the Boxes are a very fun display piece. These are both One of a Kinds and I only have these two in this size. The dolls are a brainchild of me---I got so tired of looking at them two starring at me EVERYTIME I would go into the spare bedroom downstairs---they were driving me NUTS---they actually were gone for a time at my little sister Rachels house and they JUST made another trip back to me a month ago----sooooo here they are all fixed up and lookin for a new home!
Dis be another 'Jack in the Box'!

This is a really really old doll --as you can see by her face--I reconditioned her to look like a witch--and she is heavy so I think she may have sawdust for filler or some dang thing---who knows--maybe I should open her up and see if there is money inside of her! Her name is 'Trixi'

She's a Vintage Composite Doll that I re-did to look like a witch---I LOVE the way she looks--She has a GORGEOUS face----her name is 'Jezzabelle' and she is pretty much the way she used to be except for her hair and clothes---her undergarments, legs and arms and head and body are the original pieces and are in wonderful shape!
Please check out for a bunch of super cool and festive Fall stuff

PS. I am going to be gone for the weekend---yippitty dang skippy---to the cabin I go with the girls from ball---I will be returning on Sunday---unless of course I win the powerball---then there's no tellin' WHAT will become of meeeeeee!


Deb's Country Crafts said...

VERY cool Renee! Hope they sell fast for ya. Have a blast this weekend with the girls! You deserve to have some fun. Hugs, and luv, Debbie

Country*Road*Primitives said...

Great ideas Renee! I know they will bring you lots of money, as they are very original and that is what buyers are looking for... The doll makes the perfect witch! Have a wonderful time with the girls :) xox

BirchBerry Farms said...

Well hey there Miss Deb and Miss Carla----thanks for stoppin by and the kind words---you guys are dear friends----I had a BLAST at the cabin---unaware though that I may have messed with the very last two brain cells that I owned---oh well---they grow back right? GEESH!

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