Monday, September 29, 2008


I did my listing of 4 items last night on Ebay---it is just about all I can do to keep from crying---we are definately in the wind down phase of this season---still--I am coming into winter kickin and screamin!

The recent turn of events regarding our economy isn't helping much either---people are so sad---and they are mad---and somewhat bewildered---but don't worry---things will get better---I am getting my ice skates sharpened today---for when hell freezes over!!!!---ewwww---kinda bad attitude for a Monday----sometime today I AM going to smile and then and only then will I be able to do the hokey pokey and turn my sweet self around----This is actually kinda Joe's fault today---he should know better than to wake me up WAY too early----I might be a bit crabby----THEN I turned on the news and who's face do I see after I wiped my eyes--first thing this mornin-----George W at 6am------'xplainin the whole dang mess----ya---I think I am pissed!


Deb's Country Crafts said...

Hi, Renee! I sure know what you mean about being pissed! What a HUGE mess! Hope you are doing good otherwise. I am trying to get back to the swing of things after having fun all last week in Tennessee. Luke didn't do that good but had fun and learned a lot so that's what's important right. Cute Fall stuff you've made, love it! Hope it sells fast for you. Hugs, take care, Debbie

Pam said...

Howdy Renee

I with you too. Things are really bad at this time. Don't know whats gonna happen but something has to change really soon or we are all doomed. Hope things are going good for you other wise. Hang in there guess that's all we can do.

Have a wonderful evening
hugs pam

Theresa said...

Hi your blog! You have such a talent! I love your work. I worry too about the state we are in, I pray it gets better, but I think we will need more than a prayer. Sounds like you are really busy! Take care!

Love You Cherishables said...

My dear nutty friend!!

For someone who was not having a very good day you sure MADE my day. I am so incredibly impressed with your love and thoughtfulness that I cried and laughed at the same time!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE what you have done for me!! I will treasure the card forever.

You are truly a one-of-a-kind human being that needs to be cloned...we need more people like you. You have given me so many laughs (the kind that is so loud that makes people run from another room to see what's so funny!). Laughter is a healing medicine and you are THE ONE who gives us our biggest doses!!!

You know...cashews need salt to be enhanced and bring out their flavor...without it they would be very bland. Thanks for being the salt on this big ol' nut!!

With your permission (and your permission only) I would love to share with our group what you have done because your product was so impressive that people need to get it for themselves or was heavenly...and I don't endorse or encourage people to buy just anything. I truly believe this is a phenomenal item that needs shared...Thank YOU for sharing with me. I feel truly honored and blessed.

I'll be leaving for Nashville in the morning and will talk to you in a couple of days when I get back. Thanks for making me feel special're the greatest.


BirchBerry Farms said...

My Dear Friend Karen----I did that because of what you are to our group and to more selfishly---heehee--- me----you really are absolutely incredible---you are always upbeat and funny and spontaneous and you have a tiara and a septor and you like pink leggings and crisco---way way cool ---you write very well and you GET it ---you get the fact that life is so very very short and we make the best of whatever comes our way---sure ya have bad days---cripes---you wouldn't be normal---but mostly---you care deeply and you are there for all of us---what you did by writing in my little sisters caring bridge was beautiful---and it meant the world to me and to her for that---I wanted you to know what you mean to me---it goes without saying--you are extraordinary---I am blessed my friend---the circle completes itself always----xxoo Renee

BirchBerry Farms said...

Hi Deb----I was glad to see you on here---well I am also glad that Luke and you are back home safe and sound---what a HUGE dealio for that kid and you guys!

Miss Pam---always nice to hear from you ---I am NUTS over it---politics and me---we don't get along very well--

Theresa---we all need to pray that this gets better for alot of reasons----it is history in the makin though!

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