Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's the 5 Golden Rings Promo on WSOAPP!

The peeps at WSOAPP have been hard working and hiding things within the shoppes---they have hidden 5 Golden Rings (one per day) and the first one to email in and tell where the numbered ring is for that day wins a prize! I have to tell you that the shoppes are looking great and are stocked and ready to roll---so make sure you go on a treasure hunt for them there rings!!! Don't you just LOVE surprises!!

Go into WSOAPP.orgs group and click on the 5-Rings promo tab to get in the FUN!

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Doreen said...

REA!!!!!!!!!!! Hello my sweet friend :) Missing you...LOVE the santa's in the post below.

Sending you a warm & fuzzy hug!!


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