Saturday, December 11, 2010

My 'Believe' Crenolin Hanger!

crenalin or stiff fabric enough for your triangle size
instant coffee
sewing machine & thread
red tinsel wrap (preferrably with wire thru it)
red ink pad (staz on is the best ink ever!)
letter stamps & snowflake stamps
rhinestones---fake will do JUST fine

This is made from Crenolin or very stiff fabric that was used in earlier times for stiffening under dresses and bustier's.  I cut triangles out of it that were approx. 8" from bottom point to top edge---I coffee stained them all and put them in the oven at 170* until dry---I got some red cheap tinsel that you use to wrap up gifts with at this time of year and I stitched the triangles ( finger folded the crenolin first) over that tinsel then with a zig zag stitch making sure I left plenty of tinsel on each side to hang the piece on a window or cupboard or tree---I also tied knots on the ends of the tinsel after I cut it so it wouldn't come apart--after I got my 7 triangles sewn onto the tinsel, I clipped the loose threads, and I stamped my letters one by one on each triangle and I also did snowflakes---in RED--the stamps I got at Archivers for $10--they come in a clear package and are made of foam--they have all sorts of them in different styles and fonts.  I then glued little rhinestones in each of the centers of the snowflakes using gem glue and viola!  I also did these up in the word JOYEUX in black with silver tinsel and black snowflakes and clear rhinestones---way way cute!

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