Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Little Snowman Globe!

Awwww this one is so cute---I made these for the shop and they went like MAD---easy and very cheap to make--Let's get started!

Glass jar with lid (I have used pickle, spaghetti sauce,molasses,fruit & picante jars!)
plaster of paris
mica flakes or fake snow
snowman ornie (got mine at Target for $3 and its wood and has the cutest wire arms)
faux pine
chalkboard paint (optional) for tag
cute cardstock & tagboard
enamel cream colored paint (ceramcoat 'E')
glitter and glue
Hot glue gun

I took the plaster of paris and mixed it in a clear plastic bag---I cut the corner of the bag and squirted it into the bottom of my clean empty jar----about a cup of Pof P.  Let it sit for a day--if you are inpatient--I put mine in the oven at 170* then shut the oven off and let it really just sit in there while I prepared the following. The ornie I got from Target I took the hanger out of and the hokey scarf from its neck--I painted him with glue and rolled him in mica flakes and set him to dry. I took a piece of tag board and cut a cute tag out and painted it with chalkboard paint and backed the tag with cute paper after the paint dried.  I punched a hole thru it and strung about 24" of jute thru the hole and set my chalkboard tag aside for now.  I took my jar out of the oven and made SURE the Plaster had dried, then I took my glue gun and dropped a GOB of glue onto the middle of the dried plaster in the jar---I also added a titch to the bottom of the snowman and I carefully set him on to the glue--I hurried and threw a handful of mice into the jar before the hot glue dried so it would stick to the mound and cover that up---I kind of swirled it a bit while keeping a FIRM finger on the snowmans head so he wouldn't move.  I painted my inside and outside of the lid with cream colored acrylic enamel and let that dry well then I painted it with glue and glittered the lid top so cutely! I then wrote 'JOY' with chalk onto my little tag and then I wired a piece of wire around the chalk and twisted it then around the top of the jar below the 'lid screw line'.  I then wrapped my jute around the top of the jar and added the little pine sprig and tied my jute into a bow.  I then made on my printer a little slip of paper that reads---Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow and I decopauged that to the jar on the bottom edge and I glittered that as well ---carefully avoiding getting that glue and glitter onto the glass part---just the slip of paper needs that! I twisted the cover onto the top and smiled cuz it is so dang CUTE and easy!!!!


Sue said...

Very cute!! :)

Hi said...

cute idea saw the link on Tattered sisters thanks for sharing

Maggie/Cedar Hill Rustics said...

Really cute... just like you sweetie... Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays.
Merry Christmas

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