Tuesday, April 1, 2008

HAPPY April Fools!!!

GOD---do I wish I could hear what The Robins are thinkin right now---8 inches of fresh snow----WHAT in the WORLD was I thinking flying all the way back to this frigid nightmare---I wish you could have seen her just moments before I snapped this picture---she had a big flake on her head---all the while I am thinking April Fools Day ya bunch of dummy Robins----perhaps next year maybe you should take note of this and not fly home quite so early----just a thought! I really did feel bad--no I really did----I almost want to go out and try to dig up the frozen ground just to find worms for them---okay--that's a stretch!


Pea said...

good grief! I will send ya some sunshine my dear. Save the rain for me though! I may need it.

Country*Road*Primitives said...

ROFL!! That poor robin is probably wondering what on earth it is doing out in that snow ~ Snow, snow go away, come again another day!! :) Sending you warm hugs and sunshine Renee!!

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