Sunday, April 13, 2008

I have been TAGGED!

Well seems that a couple of weeks ago my dear sweet tart Maggie from Cedar Hill Rustics went and tagged me---I love that game---like kids in a school yard---thank you for the honor Miss Maggs---the tagging part is that now I need to tell you 5 things about me that you may not know:
1. I was a Bartendar/Manager at a very large Night Club here in the Cities (started in a biker bar)Did that for alot of years--not anymore though.
2. Played Basketball through College and now play Volleyball on a really competitive Womens Team--- all year long. Gettin' kinda old but still hang in there!
3. Have a HUGE addiction to flavored creamer in my coffee---will travel far to get a new flavor---no kiddin'!
4. Have a Computer Programming Degree---ya---do NOT ask me anything about computers or WHY I went and did that to myself!
5. Had a great job at the hospital and decided to be an at homer with 4 kids---what in the WORLD was I thinkin'----heeheehee LOL
Now I get to pass this honor on to 5 unsuspecting peeps in my circle and they are as follows:

Carla from Country Road Primitives
Susie from Oodlekadoodle Primitives
Deanna from Nanny Goat Primitives
Stacey from Tattered & Torn Primitives
Cookie from Curds-and Whey


Country*Road*Primitives said...

Okay, blonde here, roots and all, so I am going to guess that I am supposed to type 5 things about myself now that you probably don't know and don't want to know ROFL!!

1. I met my hubby online ~

2. I love Mustangs (the car), but they just aren't suitable for "mom's taxi purposes" ~

3. I used to do wedding invites, as I enjoyed calligraphy and love painting with watercolors ~

4. I'm scared of bridges... YEPPERS!! Just like Mark on The Biggest Loser, I hate them. I don't like driving over them, walking over them or anything about them.

5. I enjoy reality shows ~


tattered 'n torn prims said...

Thank you darlin'!! You are so very sweat!! Oh goodness....the more people know about the less people come around!! LOL!! You are a "keeper"!! Have a great day!!

Country*Road*Primitives said...

Renee, am I supposed to copy and paste my answers onto my own blog?? ROFL!!!!!! I bet I won't get tagged again!!!!!! LOL!!!!! OMGOSH!!! xox :)

I tagged others, so we shall see what happens...

BirchBerry Farms said...

Oh---don't you ever worry about that darlin'---there's plenty-o-taggin' always left to do----Ya did GREAT! XXOO, Renee

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