Sunday, January 11, 2009

They're that GOOD!!!!

Okay----I just have to tell you guys that I made 4 new varieties of soap---in honor of the upcoming LOVE Holiday---OHHHH that St. Valentine would be berry berry proud of me----they are really quite yummy if I do say so myself ----and they are very new scents----to me anyways---Vanilla Vanilla (soft and True Vanilla, it is a Cybilla fragrance) Deep Rich Chocolate (Oh Mylanta, died and went to HEAVEN! Rich deep warm chocolate truffle scent) Chocolate Espresso (like a Sunday morning at your favorite coffee spot, breathe DEEP--- ABSOLUTELY!) Pink Peppermint (soft creamy dreamy pepperminty goodness)--CHECH 'EM OUT----I have them listed on Etsy---and in WSOAPP Market Square -----and if you were to buy some, mention that you read this post and I will offer them to you at a $1 off of each bar until Valentines Day-----but YOU have to mention the post and BEFORE you pay for your order---HAPPY VALENTINES DAY MY SWEET TARTS!!!! Always, Renee PS. Feel free to order them from here--simply email me with your request and I will invoice you--easy cheesy!


Sue said...

They sound so yummy....Love my soap and those sinful caramels....You spoil me to much....What a deal you are offering...EVERYONE!!!!She has the best dang soap there is and it lasts and lasts plus smells sooooo good..

Amber said...

OH MY GOSH! those flavors sound amazing! I'm gonna need to be ordering some for sure! Hope all is going well! :)

Doreen said...

Rea, they sound so wonderful!!! Gosh..I may just have to have some!

D's looking very pretty around here!

BirchBerry Farms said...

Oh Susie---ya gots to know what you ean to me---I might not be able to talk to you regularly---but I know you are always there for me---and I thank you for that!

Amb darlin'---nice to hear from you--hope all is well at school--I knew the pink peppermint would flip ya out---I thought of you when I made it!

Thanks D----I am glad ya learned me how to change the wallpaper and move the furniture around---it is alot of fun--now if I can just get my logo building down---not to be confused with lego buikding---heehee--you are a good friend my dear!

Country*Road*Primitives said...

I have some of Renee's soap and LOVE it! Throw your lotion out the window because if you use Renee's soap, you do not need to apply lotion for dry skin. The fragrances are wonderful and the soap feels smooth on your skin and it lathers a ton! xox

BirchBerry Farms said...

oh Hey Miss Carla---so nice to have you drop by---thanks for the sweet note about my soap---I really do LOVE this new batch---good enough to eat---however--I don't recommend it---wink wink!

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