Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's HARTS time and here are my Offerin's for Feb.

Howday-----and here is one of my Humble Arts February Offerins'---the Love Bunny is made from Cashmere wool and Angora that I felted and stitched and stuffed and and and---she was alot of fun to mess with---not quite sure I am into making bunnies---but this particular one captured my heart for some reason---she has glass eyes and EVERYTHING----I once knew a guy with a glass eye---different story---anywhoooo---then I made a heart door hanger and a heart make-do----Valentines day is right around the corner---I need to find a shoe box and get my tin foil in order to make my Valentines Greeting mailbox----'member when we did those in grade school???---it was the coolest thing EVER!!!---when Mom would let us use TIN FOIL for something other than wrapping a Rump Roast in----and that my dear friends only happened once a year----this coming from a mother who made us save the wrapping paper at Christmas---who does that kind of thing to their kids----My MOM---love her like I do---but I am a firm believer that is why I horde tin foil today---well that's what they tell me at my tin foil anonymous group anyways!---oh there are so many things---so many many things----


Doreen said...

Good Lord Rea...SHE IS AMAZING!!!!!

I remember those tin foil mail boxes!!!! What fun that was...thanks for the memory!!!

Tin foil anonymous crack me up!

how's your weather dear one??? Did you get this snow storm that we are now getting..we are due for 12-18" today...wooohoooo!!!

Big hugs to ya!!!
D funny your word V..was belize on my blog....spooky!!!

mine on yours is bankses!!!!

Deb's Country Crafts said...

She's VERY cute Renee! I don't remember the tin foil boxes must be cause I'm so much older than you are, lol. Love how you write your blogs so funny! We all think of you all often too. Miss you. I sure hope I get to leave for the winter months some day every year from Jan.-March or April. I wouldn't miss it at all winter that is. Hugs and love.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

OH Renee, she is awesome! did such a fabulous job..would love to see more upclose photos of her..she is will sell her in no time...:)
oh and my mom had us save wrapping paper too...and we reused it every year...yeah I miss making those valentine boxes...those were the dayss.....(sung by edith bunker)...;)

Sue said...

We made the valentine boxes, but used brown kraft paper and glue on ours (no tnfoil in my days)...I still save the bags and tissue paper of anything I get....Never saved the wrapping paper, it was always destroyed in the unwrapping...It just kills me to see my grandchildren throw away the bags at Christmas time and then complain at how hard up they are....They just never learned to be hit it out of the ball park once again Renee...such talent you do have...

Phillane E'lee said...

Adorable! Love that facemy dear.
Tin foil well you can borrow some of mine. I keep a roll in my studio just for me. Now mind you it is the shhhhhhhhhh( off brand) don't tell the support group that please... They will make me admit I have a problem. LOL
Have a good one girlie

Cookie said...

Hey bud... crikey, i meant to email you - got my box full of goods, thank you very much!

Also, wanted to tell you this sweet creation is the bomb diggity! Love her, but you have many many skills and continue to impress me ♥

Here's to many sold signs, sister!

Anonymous said...

Hi my darling!!! How are you?? Love you bunny... she is lovely... Hey, I did not make these tin foil mail boxes you speak of, are you going to hold a class? Sign me up... LOL
Hugs, MO

Country*Road*Primitives said...

I LOVE her!! Renee, she is one of my favorite pieces you have ever done... wow! I remember in elementary school, we would decorate a shoe box with whatever we wanted or had at home. I save tissue paper and recycle as much as I can. We rip up the wrapping paper, but we save our bags and the girls always reuse what we have for their friends and don't mind it a bit. I remember using tin foil to cut hearts out of for my special Valentine box. Thanks for the sweet memory :) xox

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