Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It is Gonna be a GREAT Day!!

Today is the day---the day that I said to myself, I am going to figure out how it is that people do those awesome little wool creatures----I am packed with my packages to go to the Post and then RIGHT up the street from there is a Darling Wool Shop that I love---oh---and all the people that work there are FABULOUS--it is called All About Yarn---I break out in HIVES when I go in that shop----the wool that is in there---OH MYLANTA----like I've died and went to HEAVEN----not to worry--I will be back---I have listings closing today and I have plenty-o-catchin' up to do with my Blog stuff and my ME page and I may need to call one of my boys and twist their head back onto their shoulders---Perfect things to do on a dreary overcast day---if ya ask me!


Cookie said...

so what did you learn today sister? I have one bit of advise - keep your fingers out of the way of the felting needles and you will do better than me!
I'm sure your creations will be awesome. I've made some dogs in the past and they were so much fun.
Keep us posted with your creations!

BirchBerry Farms said...

WOW---I was just thinkin' about cha sweet tart---I am so far behind with my techno stuff---it is killin meeeee-----I have 8 dollies in the hopper--building clothes for them tomorrow and hopefully have half to list by the weeknd---let us pray---GOOD LORD!

YEP---felting needles---funny deal with that good sturdy foam pad that comes with your needles---it doesn't work if you are actually holding the piece IN YOUR HAND---ya---slides right through the piece and doesn't stop till it sticks ya---dang it!

I found this wonderful little wool knit nest and robins blue roving---pattern---OMG---it is gonna be DARLING---well hopefully---I couldn't get my fingers to work to well, so instead of knitting the nest--I am crocheting it--and then felting it---should turn out the same--I hope!

Well Bud---I am off to take a feet up approach to the couch---Joe is going snowmobiling for the weekend--so looks like I get some peace and QUIET!!! Could NOT be happier about that!

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